6U to 16U Server Rack Enclosures|1U to 6U Mounting Brackets


Kendall Howard Server Racks

12U Kendall Howard Server Rack 

Kendall Howard 6U - 15U Server Racks

Kendall Howard 6U - 16U Server RacksHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
8U Compact Rack8U31"19" EIA23"
8U Security Wall Rack8U21"19" EIA22"
8U Wallmount Rack8U24"19" EIA23"
12U Compact Rack12U31"19" EIA23"
12U Corner Wallmount Enclosure12U27"19" EIA27"
6U - 15U LINIER Fixed & Swing-out Racks6U-15U22"-26"19" EIA23"


Belkin Server Racks

Chatsworth Server Rack 

Chatsworth 12U Server Racks

Chatsworth CPI Rack EnclosuresHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
Chatsworth CUBE-iT Wallmount Cabinets12U13" to 30"19" EIA24"


Great Lakes Server Cabinets & Server Enclosures

Great Lakes Server Racks 

Great Lakes 10U-13U Server Racks

Great Lakes Rack EnclosuresHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
Great Lakes GL24WE10U36"19" EIA21"
Great Lakes WS-Series11U24"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes WD-Series11U30"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes WM-Series12U18", 24"19" EIA21"
Great Lakes NEMA-Series12U24"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 3001e-243213U32"19" EIA24"

APC NetShelter

APC NetShelter Server Rack 

APC NetShelter 13U Server Rack

APC NetShelter Rack EnclosuresHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC NetShelter AR10013U24"19" EIA23"
APC NetShelter AR100HD13U24"19" EIA23"

 APC NetShelter SX - BlackAPC NetShelter SX - OakAPC NetShelter SX - White 

APC NetShelter SX Secure Pre-Configured Soundproof Office Racks

APC NetShelter SX EnclosuresFinish HeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC AR4000MVOak12U36.6"19" EIA27"
APC AR4000MVX429Black12U36.6"19" EIA27"
APC AR4000MVX431Dark Grey12U36.6"19" EIA27"
APC AR4000MVX432White12U36.6"19" EIA27"


NetClosure Server Rack 

NetClosure Server Racks

NetClosure Rack EnclosuresHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
NetClosure NCRACK-117-12 - Portable12U19-29"19" EIA22"
NetClosure NC151-350016U40"19" EIA24"
NetClosure NC151-350116U40"19" EIA24"

Wall Mount Bracket Racks

Mount hardware to a wall, a ceiling, or under a desk - Patch Panel Brackets, CPU Brackets, Vertical Rack Brackets, Wall Lock Box, etc.

Wall Mount Bracket Types

Wall Mount BracketsHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
1U Hinged Wall Rack, 6"D1U6"19" EIA19"
2U Hinged Wall Rack, 6"D2U6"19" EIA19"
4U Hinged Wall Rack, 6"D4U6"19" EIA19"
6U Hinged Wall Rack, 6"D6U6"19" EIA19"
2U Vertical Rack2UAny19" EIA19"
2U Vertical Rack - Tapped Rails2UAny19" EIA19"
3U Vertical Rack3UAny19" EIA19"
3U Vertical Rack - Tapped Rails3UAny19" EIA19"
4U Vertical Rack4UAny19" EIA19"
4U Vertical Rack - Tapped Rails4UAny19" EIA19"
V-Line 12U Fixed Wall Rack12U12"19" EIA19"
V-Line 16U Fixed Wall Rack16U12"19" EIA19"

Which is the best 6U-16U Rack for me?

6U to 16U racks are smaller enclosures that are ideal for securing servers & network equipment in a office or confined space. Also within the same height range, you may want to consider Wall Mount Racks and Portable Racks for your rackmount requirements.

Comparing racks can be a daunting task. Even comparing racks with similar dimensions can be like comparing apples to oranges. In addition to your dimension requirements, please also take into consideration the rack's cooling capabilities and cooling options, compatibility, load capacity, cable management options, rack accessories, rail mounting, and overall rack expandability. For additional help, please contact our expert sales engineers at 1-866-722-5776 or join us on Live Chat.

* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions. To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.