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Great Lakes Server Cabinets & Server Enclosures

Great Lakes Server Racks 

Great Lakes ES-Series 42U Server Racks

Designed for servers, high density, Cisco equipment, and hot / cold aisle containment
Great Lakes ES-Series Rack EnclosuresHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
Great Lakes GL790ES-2442MS42U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL790ES-2442MSS42U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL790ES-2442MSFS42U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL790ES-3042MS42U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL790ES-3042MSS42U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL790ES-3042MSFS42U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL790ES-2448MS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL790ES-2448MSS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL790ES-2448MSFS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL790ES-3048MS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL790ES-3048MSS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL790ES-3048MSFS42U48"19" EIA30"

MS: mesh contour front and rear doors
MSS: mesh contour front door and split mesh rear door
MSFS: mesh contour front door and split fan rear door

Great Lakes EN Series Rack

Great Lakes EN-Series 42U Enclosures

Enhanced Network Series is designed for high density cable, Cisco equipment, and hot / cold aisle containment
Great Lakes EN-SeriesHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes GL780ENT-3242-FK42U42"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-3242MSS-NS42U42"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-3242MSS42U42"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-3248-FK42U48"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-3248MSS-NS42U48"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-3248MSS42U48"19" EIA32"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-4042-FK42U42"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-4042SSS-NS42U42"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-4042SSS42U42"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-4048-FK42U48"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-4048SSS-NS42U48"19" EIA40"
Great Lakes GL780ENT-4048SSS42U48"19" EIA40"
Cisco Nexus & Catalyst / Side Airflow Equipment Baffle Kits

FK: no doors or sides.
NS: Solid Top, Mesh Front & Split Rear, No Sides
SSS: Solid Top & Sides, Mesh Front & Rear
MSS: Solid Top & Sides, Mesh Front & Split Rear

Kendall Howard Server Racks

12U Server Rack 

Kendall Howard 42U Server Racks

Kendall Howard Server RacksHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
LINIER Series Server Racks42U24", 36"19" EIA24"

Eaton RS-Series Rack Configurations

Eaton 42U RS-Series Server Racks

RS Server Configuration
RSV4260BBlack42U600mm (23.63in)1000mm (39.38in)Key-lock door handle, Dual PDU bracket kit & flush mounted rails. Includes dual PDU bracket kit, rails, networking top w/ cable grommets, perforated doors, & casters.
RSV4261BBlack42U600mm (23.63in)1100mm (43.31in)
RSV4262BBlack42U600mm (23.63in)1200mm (47.25in)
1000mm (39.38in)
1100mm (43.31in)
1200mm (47.25in)
RS Network Configuration
RSN4261BBlack42U 600mm (23.63in)1100mm (43.31in)Key-lock door handle & vertical cable managers in front + rear. Includes dual PDU bracket kit, rails, networking top w/ cable grommets, perforated doors, & casters.
RSN4262BBlack42U 600mm (23.63in)1200mm (47.25in)
RSN4281BBlack42U 800mm
1100mm (43.31in)
RSN4282BBlack42U 800mm
1200mm (47.25in)
RS Colocation Configuration
RSC4261BBlack42U 600mm (23.63in)1100mm (43.31in)Combination-lock door handle & flush mounted rails. Includes dual PDU bracket kit, rails, networking top w/ cable grommets, perforated doors, & casters.
RSC4262BBlack42U 600mm (23.63in)1200mm (47.25in)
RSC4281BBlack42U 800mm
1100mm (43.31in)
RSC4282BBlack42U 800mm
1200mm (47.25in)

Liebert Knurr Server RackLiebert Knurr Server Cabinet 

Liebert 42U Server Cabinets / Server Rack Enclosures

Part NumberHeightWidthDepthDescription
F261142U23.6"43.3"Front Door - Perforated, locking
Rear Door - Perforated split, locking
Side Panels - Solid split, locking
Roof - High density cable entry
Low profile caster and leveling feet
PDU / Cable Management Brackets
Liebert DCF Rack Accessories

Rittal Server Cabinets

Rittal TS IT Cabinet Banner 

Rittal TS-IT Server Cabinets

3-Day Express Program - configurable options
RittalXpress TS-IT Enclosure Series
Part NumberHeightWidthDepthDescription
792441-FSSB42U24"41"Front Door - Perforated, locking
Rear Door - Perforated split, locking
Side Panels - Solid split, locking
Top - Solid with Cable Slots
Includes - Leveling Feet, Hardware
TS IT Rack Accessories

APC NetShelter

APC NetShelter Server Rack 

APC NetShelter 42U Server Cabinets / Server Rack Enclosures

APC NetShelter Server RacksHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC NetShelter AR3100SP42U42"19" EIA24"
APC NetShelter AR310042U42"19" EIA24"
APC NetShelter AR315042U42"19" EIA29"
APC NetShelter AR330042U47"19" EIA24"
APC NetShelter AR335042U47"19" EIA30"

Liebert MCR Self-Contraned Server Rack Application 

Liebert MCR Climate-Controlled NEMA 12 Cabinets

Part NumberHeightWidthDepthDescription
MCR-42U-RB42U23.5"38"with 1.6 kW (5621 BTU) Rack-mount Cooling Unit,
+ 0.8 kW (2811 BTU) Back-Up Cooling Module.
Includes Casters, Locking Doors, High Temp Alarm, and 19" x 38" Duct Adapter.



Chatsworth GlobalFrame Server Cabinets / Server Rack Enclosures

Chatsworth GlobalFrame Server RacksHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
Chatsworth GF-1A320 - with sides42U41"19" EIA24"
Chatsworth GF-1A300 - w/out sides42U41"19" EIA24"
Chatsworth GF-1B320 - with sides42U41"19" EIA30"
Chatsworth GF-1B300 - w/out sides42U41"19" EIA30"
Chatsworth GF-1A420 - with sides42U48"19" EIA30"
Chatsworth GF-1A400 - w/out sides42U48"19" EIA30"
Chatsworth GF-1A421 - with sides42U48"19" EIA24"
Chatsworth GF-1A401 - w/out sides42U48"19" EIA24"
Chatsworth GF-1A422 - with sides42U48"19" EIA24"
Chatsworth GF-1A402 - w/out sides42U48"19" EIA24"

Austin Hughes 42U Racks - Click to enlarge 

Austin Hughes 42U Server Racks

Part NumberHeightWidthDepth
Infra-S8-SR-6042 (Heavy Duty)42U24"42"
Infra-S8-SR-6242 (Heavy Duty)42U24"47"
Infra-S8-SR-8042 (Heavy Duty)42U31"42"
Infra-S8-SR-8242 (Heavy Duty)42U31"47"
Infra-S8-NSR-6042 (Medium Duty)42U24"42"
Infra-S8-NSR-6242 (Medium Duty)42U24"47"
Infra-S8-NSR-8042 (Medium Duty)42U31"42"
Infra-S8-NSR-8242 (Medium Duty)42U31"47"

TrippLite SR42UB - Click to enlarge 

Tripp Lite 42U Server Racks - SmartRack & Seismic Racks

Part NumberHeightWidthDepth
Tripplite SR42UB42U24"42"
Tripplite SR42UBZ4 - Seismic42U24"43"

42U Server Rack Cabinets

42U is the most common rack height sold for data centers.  42U = 42 Rack Units on your Mounting Rails = 73.5" of rack mount space available.  Please note that actual internal and external height vary depending on the server cabinet manufacturer.  Depending on your application, requirements, and space limitations; a smaller, more specialized cabinet may be best for your needs.  Though it may be intuitive to think that a smaller rack would be less expensive because of less steel being used, server cabinets in the 42U height range are mass produced and therefore usually have far less production cost.

Which is the best 42U Rack for me?
Comparing racks can be a daunting task. Even comparing racks with similar dimensions can be like comparing apples to oranges. In addition to your dimension requirements, please also take into consideration the rack's cooling capabilities and cooling options, compatibility, load capacity, cable management options, rack accessories, rail mounting, and overall rack expandability. For additional help, please contact our expert sales engineers at 1-866-722-5776 or join us on Live Chat.

Being within a few rack units, you may also want to consider 40U & 44U Server Racks. Also worth noting are standard 48U Server Racks.

* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions. To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.

Martin Enclosure MSR-Series: 42U x 24"W x 36"D Server Enclosure
Martin Enclosure MSR-Series: 42U x 24"W x 36"D Server Enclosure