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Great Lakes Racks, Cabinets, & Enclosures

Great Lakes Server Cabinets & Server Enclosures

Great Lakes E-Series Enclosures

Great Lakes E-Series & ES-Series Enclosures

Great Lakes E-Series & ES-Series EnclosuresHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes 3001e-243213U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 4801e-243224U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL480E-2432F24U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 6001e-243231U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 7201e-243237U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 7201e-243637U36"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 7201e-293237U32"19" EIA29"
Great Lakes 7201e-293637U36"19" EIA29"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2442MS41U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2442MSS41U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2442MSFS41U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3042MS41U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3042MSS41U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3042MSFS41U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2448MS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2448MSS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-2448MSFS42U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3048MS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3048MSS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL780ES-3048MSFS42U48"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes 8401e-243244U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 8401e-243644U36"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 8401e-293244U32"19" EIA29"
Great Lakes 8401e-293644U36"19" EIA29"
Great Lakes GL840E-2436MP44U36"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840ES-2442MS44U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 8401es-244244U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840ES-2448MS44U48"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840ES-3048MS44U48"19" EIA30"
 Great Lakes GL840N12 Application 
 Great Lakes NEMA 12 Enclosures
- Dust & Water Resistant
Great Lakes NEMA 12 SeriesHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes GL840N12-2442-SS45U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840N12-3042-SS45U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL840N12-2442-SA - 2500 to 6000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840N12-3042-SA - 2500 to 6000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA30"
Great Lakes GL840N12-2442-SB - 8000 to 12,000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes GL840N12-3042-SB - 8000 to 12,000 BTU AC Unit45U42"19" EIA30"
 Great Lakes 2 Compartment Co-Lo EnclosureGreat Lakes 3 Compartment Co-Lo Enclosure 
 Great Lakes Co-Lo Server Enclosures 
Great Lakes Co-Lo EnclosuresCompartmentsHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes GL84CL2MM221U each36"19" EIA28"
Great Lakes GL84CL2PF221U each36"19" EIA28"
Great Lakes GL84CL3MM314U each36"19" EIA28"
Great Lakes GL84CL3PF314U each36"19" EIA28"
 Great Lakes 2-Post & 4-Post Racks 
 Great Lakes 2-Post & 4-Post Racks 
Great Lakes 4-Post Open Racks - 12-24 threadedHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes 4p1224-2445U24"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 4p1224-2945U29"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 4p1224-3245U32"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 4p1224-3645U36"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 4-Post Open Racks - M6 threadedHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes 4PHD2942U29"19" EIA20.60"
Great Lakes 4pm6-2445U24"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 4pm6-2945U29"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 4pm6-3245U32"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 4pm6-3645U36"19" EIA22.25"
Great Lakes 2-Post Cable Management Relay RackHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes cmr-45u45U21"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes 2-Post Relay Rack - 12-24 threadedHeightDepthRailsWidth
Great Lakes glrr-198445U14"19" EIA20.25"
Great Lakes glrr-1984ba45U15.50"19" EIA24.938"
 Great Lakes Wall Mount Racks & Cabinets 
 Great Lakes Wall Mount Racks 
Great Lakes Wall Mount RacksHeightDepthFeatures
Great Lakes WE Series Wall Mount Cabinet10U20.5"Server side mount wall mount cabinet
Great Lakes WM Series Wall Mount Cabinets12U, 19U, & 25U24.5"Center swing-out, simple finger "push-pull" type catch
Great Lakes WD Series Wall Mount Cabinets11U, 18U, & 25U32"Allows removal of the rear section for easy installation
Great Lakes NEMA 12 Wall Mount Enclosures12U, 19U, & 26U24"Front and rear sections lock independently
Great Lakes WS Series Wall Mount Cabinets11U, 18U, 25U, 38U24"Swings open left or right - no sides
Great Lakes Wall Mount Swing Racks12U, 19U, & 26U18" & 24"Swings open left or right - no sides
Great Lakes Wall Rack Mount Boxes2U & 4U21.63"Center swing-out - 19" EIA 310-D compliant; optional casters
 Great Lakes Rackmount Shelves 
 Great Lakes Rackmount Shelves 
Great Lakes Rackmount ShelvesFeatures
Great Lakes Rackmount Shelves19" EIA rackmount shelves- adjustable shelves, sliding shelves, cantilever & rackmount keyboard shelves
 Great Lakes Ganging Kit 
 Great Lakes Server Rack Accessories 
Great Lakes Server Rack AccessoriesFeatures
Great Lakes DoorsFront and Rear Doors for Great Lakes Server Racks - louvered, Mesh, with exhaust fans and more
Great Lakes Side PanelsSide Panels for Great Lakes Server Racks - louvered, solid
Great Lakes Door Handles / LocksDoor handles with locks for Great Lakes Server Racks - keyed, padlock, combination, biometric
Great Lakes Top PanelsTop panels for Great Lakes Server Racks - perforated, with cut-outs, with fan trays and more
Great Lakes Bottom PanelsBottom panels for Great Lakes Server Racks - solid, filtered, Brush Grommet, and more
Great Lakes Server Rack Cooling SolutionsVariety of server rack cooling solutions including: Exhaust Chimney, Server Rack Air Manager, Delphi Enclosure Blower
Great Lakes Power Strips0U - 1U, 15A - 30A, 125V rack mount power strips
Great Lakes Cable ManagementVariety of cable management rings, double sided cable organizers, single sided cable organizers, cable management troughs, and cinch straps
Great Lakes Filler Panels1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U & 8U filler panels and tool-less filler panels
Great Lakes Server Rack CastersLocking and non-locking casters for Great Lakes server racks
Great Lakes Mounting HardwarePan Head Philips #10-32 Screws, M6 Cage Nuts with Screws, Cage Nuts with #10-32 Screws, Ganging Kit

Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Co., Inc., offers a wide variety of products that protect and enhance the look of your electronic environment. The company?s server rack offerings range from an 11U wall mount swing rack to 45U fully enclosed and customizable server cabinets. In addition, Great Lakes offers a full range of server rack accessory products, such as stationary and sliding shelves, power outlet strips, cable management accessories, and cooling devices.

Discontinued Products by Great Lakes
Discontinued Products by Great Lakes

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