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In-Row Airflow Management & Cooling

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As with enterprise data centers, today's smaller server room environments are dealing with higher and higher server rack densities. At one time building HVAC systems were sufficient to handle the cooling needs of these smaller computer rooms. Not anymore. Server room cooling has become a much higher priority for today's IT professionals. The question is, how much cooling is needed? Simple cooling calculators don't tell the full story. Each server room is unique and requires a different approach.

To fully maximize equipment cooling, when selecting a server rack consider intelligent and space-efficient design features that various rack models offer, including frame profile and capacity for increased packing density. Use blanking panels to manage air flow efficiency and select a rack with built-in channels for better cable management and improved air flow. Fully perforated doors and top panels can help improve ventilation as well. Also consider server rack accessories that will improve cooling, including fans, enclosure blowers, and rack air conditioners.

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