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APC NetShelter racks are a leading-edge enclosure solution. APC NetShelter VX addresses many of the emerging trends and issues IT managers face today by incorporating new features and benefits that allow customers to create a more effective IT environment. Increasing server depths combined with the requirement for more effective cable management and power distribution has led to a need for deeper enclosures. Increasing power densities have led to a need for enclosures that provide superior ventilation. Varying IT requirements have led to a need for a more robust offering of enclosure sizes and options. The desire for quick deployment of IT solutions has led to a need for enclosure solutions that are easy to use and install. APC NetShelter rack enclosures have been designed with all of these trends in mind.

APC NetShelter SX & VX Enclosures

 APC NetShelter SX Server CabinetAPC NetShelter VX Server Cabinet 
APC NetShelter SX EnclosuresHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC AR310424U42"19" EIA24"
APC AR3100SP142U42"19" EIA24"
APC AR310042U42"19" EIA24"
APC AR315042U42"19" EIA29"
APC AR330042U47"19" EIA24"
APC AR335042U47"19" EIA30"
APC AR310545U42"19" EIA24"
APC AR310748U42"19" EIA24"
APC AR315748U42"19" EIA29"
APC AR330748U47"19" EIA24"
APC AR335748U47"19" EIA30"

APC NetShelter WX Wallmount Cabinets

 APC NetShelter WX Wallmount Cabinet 
APC NetShelter WX EnclosuresFront Door HeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC AR100Glass13U24"19" EIA23"
APC AR100HDVented13U24"19" EIA23"

APC NetShelter SX Secure Pre-Configured Soundproof Office Racks

 APC NetShelter SX - BlackAPC NetShelter SX - OakAPC NetShelter SX - White 
APC NetShelter SX EnclosuresFinish HeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC AR4000MVOak12U36.6"19" EIA27"
APC AR4000MVX429Black12U36.6"19" EIA27"
APC AR4000MVX431Dark Grey12U36.6"19" EIA27"
APC AR4000MVX432White12U36.6"19" EIA27"
APC AR4018AOak18U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4018X429Black18U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4018X431Dark Grey18U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4018X432White18U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4024AOak24U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4024X429Black24U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4024X431Dark Grey24U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4024X432White24U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4038AOak38U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4038X429Black38U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4038X431Dark Grey38U44"19" EIA30"
APC AR4038X432White38U44"19" EIA30"

APC NetShelter 2-Post & 4-Post Racks

 APC NetShelter Open Frame Racks 
APC NetShelter 2-Post Open RacksColorHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC AR201Black45U14"19" EIA20"

APC NetShelter 4-Post Open RacksMounting holesHeightDepth*RailsWidth*
APC AR203Square46U29"19" EIA20"

APC InRow Cooling

 APC InRow Cooling 
APC InRow SCDescription
APC RACSC112APC InRow SC System 1 InRow SC, 1 NetShelter SX Rack 600mm, with Front and Rear Containment
APC RACSC201APC InRow SC System 2 InRow SC units, 1 NetShelter SX Rack 600mm, and Rear Containment
APC RACSC101APC InRow SC System 1 InRow SC, 1 NetShelter SX Rack 600mm, and Rear Containment
APC ACSC100APC InRow SC 200-240V 60HZ

APC Rackmount Accessories

 APC Rackmount Accessories 
APC Rackmount AccessoriesOptions Include
APC UPSAPC Smart-UPS Rack Mount UPS, 2U, 120V Output / 120V Input
APC Automatic Transfer SwitchesAPC Rack Automatic Transfer Switches provide reliable, redundant power to single-corded equipment.
APC Rack Air DistributionVarious Server Rack air distribution units including APC Rack Side Air Distribution, APC Rack Containment, APC Rack Air Removal units, Roof Fan Tray, and Ventilation Plate.
APC Rackmount ShelvesVarious rackmount shelves including fixed shelves, sliding rackmount shelves, 2 post relay rack shelves, and keyboard drawers.  APC Shelves work in most standard 19" racks as well as all APC NetShelter Racks. 
APC Cable ManagementVarious cable management pieces including D-Rings, pass-through panels and wiring harnesses.
APC Patch PanelsPatch Panels, manufactured to industry standards, keep your Network up and running.
APC Blanking Panels1U & 8U blanking panel kits.  Hide empty space in your rack with these Blank Filler Panels. 
APC Environmental MonitoringMonitor your server rack or room using APCs NetBotz monitoring series.
APC Power StripsAdd power throughout your rack with the APC Power Strips. Mount horizontally for easy access or vertically to save space.
APC PDU AccessoriesAPC PDU mounting brackets and pass-throughs
APC Server Rack AccessoriesVarious Server Rack and 2-Post Relay Rack Accessories, bolt down kits, mounting hardware, rails, adapter kits, handles and stabilizer kits.

* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions. To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.

APC Discontinued Products
APC Discontinued Products