Liebert PSS Surge Strip (PRF1080)

Please note, the Liebert PRF1080 has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

This product has been discontinued. For replacement product information call 1-866-722-5776.

The Liebert PSS PRF1080 Professional Series Surge Protector provides protection for 8 standard 3-line receptacles.  Liebert PSS Surge Protection Strips provide computer grade power, protecting connected equipment from the damaging effects of lightning, spikes, surges, and other power quality problems.

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Liebert PRF1080 Features:

  • Flexibility:
    • Available in Professional model, or as a Network model with phone line protection.
    • Provides spacing for wall mounted transformers without covering other outlets.
    • Angled plug allows connection of the surge protector without covering the other wall outlet.
  • Higher Availability:
    • 8 Surge protected outlets supply complete 3-line AC protection.
    • Protects against lightning, spikes and surges.
    • Includes EMI/RFI attenuation for improved power to connected equipment
    • Audible alarm immediately sounds if surge protector is no longer protecting the connected equipment.
  • Lowest Total cost of Ownership:
    • Standard two year warranty protects your investment.
  • Ideally Suited for:
    • Professional and home office equipment
    • Network routers, bridges and hubs
    • Network workstations
    • Point-of-sale terminals

Liebert PRF1080 Specifications:

Joules 1080
UL 1449 Clamping Voltage (lower is generally better) 330V
Peak Surge Current (bigger is better) 72,000A
EMI/RFI Filtration >58 dB
Phone line protection No
Cable Protection No
Number of Receptacles 8
Thermal Fuses Yes
Reversed Wiring Indicator Yes
Surge Protection Available Indication Yes
On/Off Switch with Circuit Breaker Yes
Warranty 2-Year