InfraPower Dual LAN IP Dongle for W Series PDUs

The patented IPD-03-S IP Dongle provides IP remote access to any intelligent InfraPower PDU equipped with the W meter via a network IP address. A single IP dongle allows remote access for up to 32 daisy chained PDUs - which not only saves the cost of additional IP dongles, but also the need for individual IP addresses for each PDU.

The hot-pluggable design facilitates dongle installation. Simply integrate the IP Dongle to the 1st PDU, then the entire daisy chain group can be remote managed over IP. Administrators can remotely access all the PDUs in the daisy chain group from one single IP address via the IP Dongle.

The new stylish IPD-03-S Dual LAN dongle provides standard 10/100 & Gigabit Ethernet ports. In addition to dual LAN fail-over, the PDUs in the daisy chain can be set up for access via two independent networks or VLANs. With the optional WIFI kit (IPD-WIFI) attached to the USB port, the IPD-03-S will support 802.11 g/n/ac WIFI standards.

InfraPower IPD-03-S - Click to enlarge

Price: $256.00
NOW: $219.00
Save: $37.00

ip dongle application diagram

Wi-Fi kit for InfraPower Intelligent Rack PDUs
Wi-Fi kit for InfraPower Intelligent Rack PDUs
Add 802.11 g/n/ac Wi-Fi support to the InfraPower IPD-03-S Dual LAN IP Dongle