Liebert 2UTELECOMRKIT Center-mounting Kit for 19" Wide Telecom/Relay Racks

Vertiv Liebert 2UTELECOMRKIT Rack Mount Brackets - 2U Shelf Support | GXT5 UPS up to 3kVA - Supports Rack-Based Equipment | Easy Installation 19IN WIDE TELECOM/RELAY RACK

The 2UTELECOMRKIT is a rack mounting kit that contains two metal brackets that mount one 2U size Vertiv Liebert GXT2, GXT3, GXT4, or GXT5 UPS System or Battery Cabinet into a 19-In 2-post telecom/relay rack.


  • Center mount brackets for 19-in wide telecom/relay racks
  • Compatible with Vertiv Liebert GXT2, GXT3 and GXT4 2U Size UPS Systems
  • UPS and brackets fit into 2U of space
  • Allows mounting of UPS into telecom/relay racks
Center-Mount 2 Post Rack Mounting Kit for 19" Wide Telecom/Relay Racks - Click to enlarge

Price: $99.00
NOW: $69.88
Save: $29.12
DimensionsH: 5.6" W: 8.45" L: 12.25"