2U Slotted Routing Cable Manager

Please note, the Kendall Howard 1903-3-400-02 is discontinued. For alternative product options, contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

Kendall Howard 1903-3-400-02 is a 2U Slotted Routing Cable Manager built with narrow and wide cable fingers. The Slotted Routing Cable Manager is a cross between the 2U Finger Duct Cable Manager, the D-Ring Cable Manager, and the Cable Routing Blanks. The narrow fingers allow for separation when routing cables between switches and patch panels, while the wide fingers help to retain cables during and after installation. For added protection and storage, a cover is also included to enclose the cables and create a clean look for your rack. Flanged fingers are an extra feature to help when routing cables, and to help contain cables should the cover be lost or temporarily removed. Rear cut outs allow cables to pass through the back of the unit - a great feature when mounting two units back to back. If mounting two units back to back, the 2U Finger Duct Cable Manager is another option for the front installation. Messy and unmanaged cables are no longer an issue with the 2U Slotted Routing Cable Manager.

  • Cable manager cover included
  • Wide and narrow finger ducts
  • Durable, steel construction
  • Rackmountable with standard rack hardware
  • 19" EIA 310-D compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Kendall Howard 1903-3-400-02 - Click to enlarge

Kendall Howard
Price: $45.00
NOW: $36.00
Save: $9.00

Slotted Finger Cable Duct Manager Application

Cover Included
The easy, slide on cover helps to store and protect cables, and as an added bonus, will create a clean and sleek look for your rack.

Flanged Fingers
Flanged fingers help to contain cables when routing them through the slotted ducts. If the cover is ever lost, the flanges will also help to contain these cables.

No Mess Maintenance
Cables will now be organized in such a fashion that little effort is needed when having to locate or change a cable. Searching through a jungle of cables is no longer necessary, making maintenance and labor costs decrease as a result of this organization.

Durable Material
Constructed from steel and finished with a textured powder coat, this cable manager is more durable and rigid than plastic finger duct cable managers.

Rounded Corners
All corners are rounded to avoid snagging or damaging cables, hands, and/or other devices.