Server Room Monitoring: RLE RLE Wi-THS

Please note, the RLE Wi-THS is discontinued and replaced by the Wi-TH2. For additional upgrade options, contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

The RLE Falcon Wi-THS is a battery-operated digital temperature and humidity sensor with a microprocessor-controlled 418 MHz, FCCcertified radio transmitter. RLE's Wi-THS provides many advantages over traditional hard-wired systems. One main benefit is installation cost. Electricians and conduit are no longer necessary for installation. Adding new sensors or relocating current ones are tasks made simple using RLE's wireless gateway (FDS-Wi), which contains an auto-discover mechanism that detects modifications to the system.

The RLE Wi-THS has an onboard time-of-day clock that allows it to spend most of the time in a low power, 'sleep' state. The onboard microprocessor requires power only at predetermined time intervals (set at the factory), when digital temperature and humidity sensors read the current temperature and humidity. The information is then wirelessly transmitted to a point managing receiver (RLE's FDS-Wi wireless gateway). This architecture allows the RLE Wi-THS sensor to consume minimal power, resulting in a battery life of up to three years.

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RLE Wi-THS Features & Benefits:

  • Wireless with compact ABS enclosure
  • Digital temperature and humidity measurement
  • Transmission range of up to 100 feet (30.5m)
  • 3.6V lithium AA battery life up to three years
  • Moisture resistant coating
  • Internal loop antenna
  • Complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules
  • Easy installation and simple to relocate
  • Accurate, efficient temperature and humidity data
  • Reliable communication
  • Cost effective wireless temperature sensor
  • Durable for moist environments
  • Compact design
  • FCC Certified Transmitter

RLE Wi-THS Specifications:


2 in. (50.8 mm.)

Width 2.5 in. (63.5 mm.)
Depth 1.0 in. (25.4 mm.)
Weight 1 oz. (28.35g)
Operating Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Power 3.6V Battery Lithium AA; included
Battery Life  
Lithium AA Battery

Up to 3 years with 10-17 second random transmission interval
Shelf-Life (Battery Installed)  
Lithium AA Battery

10 years in quiescent mode


10-17 seconds (random)
Frequency 418 MHz
Range Up to 100 ft. (30.5m)
Accuracy +/- 0.5 degree C
+/- 3% humidity
Mounting Wall mount
Certification FCC Part 15, Class B; FCC ID: M5ZP6EZI0