Raloy Server Cabinet - Sun Server Compatible Server Rack

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Sun Server Rack Cabinet Specifications

External Dimensions: 78.74"H x 23.6"W x 39.37"D
Internal Dimensions: 75.27"H x 20.15"W x 35.90"D
Weight Capacity: 2,000 LBS
Units: 42U

This Sun Server Rack, is configured to be compatible with Sun servers and most network equipment.

Our premium quality Sun server compatible Server Rack comes fully configured with Sun mounting rails, Front & Rear Perforated Doors, Solid Side Panels, a Top Panel with Cut-outs for cable runs, and Levelers.

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RA42U40SP - Raloy - Sun Server Compatible Server Rack

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Rack Units42U
Sun Server Rack Mount Cabinet Features
  • EIA-310 Compliant
  • Fully vented top panel with 4 cut-outs for cabling
  • Lift off hinging on front and rear doors for easy door removal
  • Sun server racks can be ganged together
  • Torsion free structure
  • Multiple internal surfaces and points for mounting
  • Maximum internal volume for footprint
  • External access to all installation points for doors, walls and baying
  • Accepts castors and levelers
  • Doors can be easily removed or reversed
  • Internal door hinge and lock points for maximum security
  • Maximum perforated area meets or exceeds server manufacturer specifications for air flow
  • Ground studs on all surfaces
  • External surfaces do not affect load bearing capacity same ratings with or without panels
  • Rails are fully depth adjustable and maintain load capacity regardless of where the rails are positioned
  • Floating installation system vertical rails are not secured to frame members or lateral support channels; can be adjusted independently
  • Z shaped, multi-fold profile high load bearing capacity and multiple mounting surfaces
  • U markings on front and rear surfaces of each rail

Sun Server Rack Mount Cabinet Specifications

  • 19"EIA Mounting Rail
  • Steel frame strength and rigidity
  • Color: Sand Texture Black
  • Standard Accessories Can be Added

Included with the Sun Server Rack Mount Cabinet:

  • Steel, Perforated Front Door
  • Steel, Perforated Double Rear Door
  • Solid Side Panels.  Sidewalls can be screwed on, locked in place or hinged to provide side door access.
  • Perforated Top Panel with (4) 4 circular cable entry holes, (1) in each corner
  • Levelers (Set of 4)
  • Mounting Hardware- Mounting screws (100), Cage nuts (50)