Dry Contact Closure Sensor, 6.6ft - 3 Digital Inputs

Liebert SN-3D: is a modular Dry Contact Closure Sensor (1 probe) with 3 digital contact inputs and a 6.6ft cable.

Package Includes: (1) Sensor Bracket - Base, (1) Sensor Bracket - Support, (2) Screw 8-32 x 7/16, (1) Dual Lock Fastener 0.5ft, (2) Cable Tie, (1) RJ45 to RJ45 cable 6.6ft, (1) Alcohol Pad, (1) Fastener 1/4 Turn High Pro, (1) Quick-start guide

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Price: $160.00
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Liebert SN sensors are designed to assist in monitoring conditions within a rack - sensors can be placed in any area whilst being monitored through a secure Web/SNMP interface, the RPC BDM Local Display Module, or through Liebert Nform / SiteScan software. Up to 10 Sensors can be connected to a Liebert RPC network card, enabling monitoring through Liebert MPX, MPH or MPH2 rack PDU models. SN Sensors are also compatible with the Liebert RDU‑S Rack Monitoring Device.

Dry Contact SupportsNon-powered contact rated for minimum of 5V, 1mA