SwitchFix 1U Passive, Rear Intake Airflow System for Network Switches

The SwitchFix SF001-PR4 easily solves cooling problems associated with network switches mounted in the back of the rack. It allows your switches to benefit from cooler airflow and comply with Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle best practices.

Network switch equipment typically sits at the top and back portion of the server rack. This placement makes it difficult for cool air from the cold aisle to reach the intake side(s) of the network switch. The SwitchFix solves this problem by extending from the front of the rack to the switch at the back of the rack, allowing cold aisle air to reach the network equipment.

SwitchFix SF001-PR4 - Click to enlarge

Price: $232.38
NOW: $176.85
Save: $55.53
Dimensions1U x 19" W x 10.63"-14.63" D

The SwitchFix SF001-PR4 is configured for use with rear-intake style network switches and adjusts in depth to ensure an optimal flow of cool air through to the installed switch. When paired with Upsite blanking panels and other airflow best practices, The SwitchFix’s passive airflow system can help control recirculated airflow preventing hot exhaust air from recycling through the installed equipment. The SwitchFix SF001-PR4 passive switch cooling solution can improve switch performance and life expectancy.


  • Channels cold air to the switch
  • Prevents hot air recirculation
  • Maintains cold aisle/hot aisle segregation
  • Adjustable for a variety of depths
  • Passive airflow circulation


  • Maintains switch reliability and improves longevity of the switch
  • Augments and improves upon airflow management best practices

The Switchfix SF001-PR4 is designed to accommodate the following network switches:

Switch ManufacturerSwitch Model
Arista7048-A, 7048T, 7050T, 7060, 7148SX, 7150, 7280S, 7050S, 7280SR, 7280TR, 7050SX-64, 7050SX-72Q, 7280SR-48C6
Blade RackswitchG8052
Brocade6740, 6940-36Q, 6510, 6505
Cisco2232, 2232PP-10GE, 2248, 2348TQ, 4980
HP5900, 6000B
Huawei CE5810, CE5850, CE5855
Intel Omnipath100 series
JuniperEX4300, EX4300-48T-AFI