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Server Technology produces the highest quality power distribution units and monitoring solutions to manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency in your data center and server rack. Their extensive selection of Sentry CDUs are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards via 100% performance tested reliability and accuracy. Server Tech PDUs eliminate single points of failure, reducing downtime and production costs. Server Technology rack mount PDU solutions are designed to adapt and enable quick delivery of customer-specific requirements. Server Tech products provide IT and Data Center professionals control to make accurate capacity planning decisions, reduce risks and meet energy efficiency goals.

For a listing of discontinued Server Technology products, click here.

Server Tech FAQ

Q: Will restarting my CDU affect power to the outlets?
A: No. The intelligence and power of the CDU operate on two, separate circuits. The power will remain unaffected.

Q: What is the default user name and password?
A: Both the user name and password are the string: admn

Q: What is the default IP address?
A: The default IP address is

Q: Is it ok to change a fuse while the CDU is still plugged in?
A: DO NOT attempt to change a fuse while the CDU is still plugged in. This could result in an arc from the fuse causing a direct short to ground which can cause serious damage to the CDU and the operator.

Q: Where can I find the MIB?
A: You can navigate to the following link to obtain the MIB and OID tree: Sentry MIB OID Tree Downloads

Q: Where can I find firmware updates?
A: Navigate to the following ServerTech link to obtain firmware updates: CDU Firmware Downloads

Q: Where can I find the product manual for my CDU?
A: We would be happy to provide you with the most recent version of ServerTech Manuals. For help, please contact us.

Q: Where can I find a list of available data cables and power cords?
A: 1. Data cables
A: 2. Power cords

Q: Will restarting the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) affect power on my CDUs?
A: No. Just like the case of restarting a CDU, restarting an SPM will not affect CDU power or operation.

Q: What do the 3 LED displays on my CDU represent?
A: The 3 LED displays will provide you with the amperage reading that each 3 of your branches are currently drawing.

Q: My LED says "FE". What does this mean?
A: FE stands for Fuse Error. More than likely your CDU has a blown fuse.

Q: MY LED says "OL". What does this mean?
A: OL stands for Over Load. The CDU is drawing more power than the maximum limits of the model specify.

Q: How do I manually reset my CDU back to factory defaults?
A: Most CDU products will have a small unlabeled button located behind a hole next to the LED displays or network port. Utilizing an item such as a paper clip or a ball-point pen you can depress this button to reset the unit to factory defaults—such as may be required when administrator passwords are forgotten. To reset to factory defaults press and hold the button for greater than 10 seconds but less than 15 seconds. After releasing the button during this period the unit will initiate a factory reset. Allow approximately 3.5 minutes for the reset to complete. Holding the button for any amount of time less than 10 seconds or greater than 15 seconds will have no effect.

Outlet status is not affected by a factory reset. Outlets will remain in the state they were in prior to the reset.

All Feature Key Activated features in the CDU will be retained when a factory reset is performed.

The default Username and Password will be reset to “admn" (admin without the “i").

An otherwise unused decimal point on the CDU's LED display will illuminate while the button is depressed. For units with three LED displays this will occur on the first display (e.g. “A", “X", or L1").

When 10 seconds is reached the same display will switch to showing three sets of double-dashes. Release during this period to start the factory reset.

Although not recommended, the reset button can be disabled via the system interface by an administrator. If the reset button function has been disabled there will be no method available to reset to factory defaults if administrative login cannot be achieved; the extra decimal point on the display will still illuminate when the button is depressed, but the display will never change to three sets of double-dashes.

Q: I have two master units. Can I link them together with a data cable and share them under one IP Address?
A: No. Only a master and its respective expansion unit can be linked through a data cable and shared under a single IP address. For example, if you have a CW-24V2-L20M and you wish to expand the number of outlets with another CDU under one IP address you must use a CX-24V2-L20M.

Q: I am confused on what this term means. Is there a Glossary?
A: YES! Server Technology has a Glossary here. And the Green Grid has a glossary here on data center terms.

Q: What do all the LED error codes mean?
A: 1. Display flashing FE: Indicates a blown fuse or circuit breaker
A: 2. Display Flashing Double Lines: Indicates an intelligence board failure.
A: 3. Display flashing numbers: Indicates a predefined SNMP threshold has been exceeded.
A: 4. Display flashing OL: Indicates the units maximum rated load has been exceeded.