Eaton RS RSN4882W Network Rack - 48U x 800mm W x 1200mm D - White

Please note, the Eaton RSN4882W has been discontinued. For replacement options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

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Rack Units48U
Dimensions48U H x 31.5"W (800mm) x 47.25"D (1200mm)

TAA Compliant / Made in USA

All Eaton RS models are TAA Compliant & Made in USA

Eaton RS Rack TAA Compliant - Made in USA

Tool-less configuration

To help reduce installation time, RS supports tool-less configuration of all key enclosure components.

  • Mounting rails and PDU brackets
  • Doors, top panels and side panels
  • Cable management and airflow manage- ment accessories

Eaton RS Rack Tool-less configuration

Cable management

To help reduce installation time, RS supports tool-less configuration of all key enclosure components.

  • Removable laser knockouts for fans / cable slots.
  • Improved cable management helps maximize available enclosure space while improving airflow to prevent overheating
  • Customizable mounting options that accomodate uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and power distribution units (PDUs)

Eaton RS Rack Tool-less Cable Management

Power-optimized design

Todayís increasing power densities require flexible ePDU rack power distribution mounting and cable management solutions.

  • All components are auto-bonded/grounded except the doors which feature quick disconnect lanyards.
  • Multiple ePDU mounting options and out-of-the-box installation for ePDUs
  • Pathways for cable ingress and egress at the top and bottom of the enclosure to accommodate large connectors and cable loops
  • Tool-less ePDU mounting brackets with integrated cable management
  • Easy-to-adjust rails for UPS installation
  • Robust static weight loading (3000 lbs) to handle heavier UPS loading

Eaton RS Rack Tool-less Power

Airflow Management & Cooling

Full range of airflow management options including brush and grommet top and bottom panels, side air dams and blanking panels.

  • Rails mate to top panel and bottom caster pontoon for hot aisle/cold aisle seal
  • Top panel features grommets and brushes to manage heat
  • Side air dams and blanking panels (optional air dams available)

Eaton RS Rack Tool-less Airflow Management

Physical Security

Security is a key consideration for many customers, including MTDCís.

  • Enhanced physical security via a highly secure combination lock helps protect valuable IT resources from both internal and external threats
  • Ideal for government and healthcare industries where security is a larger factor
  • Field changeable lock options:
  • Side-to-side access options via cable pass through sides
  • Sides come standard with locks

Eaton RS Rack Locks

Tool-less Rails

  • Tool-less adjustment
  • Markings on cross members to easily align rails
  • Markings on front and rear of rail
  • Air dam option to manage airflow

Eaton RS Rack Tool-less Rails

Front Doors

  • Easy to remove and install
  • Quick disconnect lanyard
  • Maximized perforation surface area
  • High-flow perforation
  • High aesthetic look and feel
  • One door with multiple lock options (Swing handle, combo, & HFID - See 'Physical Security')

Eaton RS Rack Front Doors

Rear Doors

  • Lightweight, single sheet of metal design for each half
  • Easy lift-off door
  • 180+ degree opening
  • Quick disconnect lanyards
  • Swing handle

Eaton RS Rack Rear Doors


  • Identical split side panels
  • Two versions with and without cableway
  • Easy lift-off design with side latches and key lock
  • Flush with frame; no added width

Eaton RS Rack Side Panels

Top Panels

  • Tool-less install and removal
  • Solid, with cableways (optional grommets) and brushes
  • One-piece or modular tops
  • Install up or down; mates to rail in down configuration for air seal

Eaton RS Rack Top Panels

Casters & Levelers

  • Easy access to levelers; isolation pad on levelers to minimize surface wear
  • Caster base is movable and can leave gap with rear of frame to facilitate cabling and power

Eaton RS Rack Casters & Levelers

Weight Capacity

Eaton RS Racks feature a weight capacity of 3000 lbs. static loading; 2000 lbs. dynamic loading.


UL 2416 for data center applications (includes UL 60950), Seismic Anchorage, EIA-310, & CE.


5 Years.

Learn More:
Eaton RS-Series Brochure (PDF)

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RS Colocation Configuration
RSC4261BBlack42U 600mm (23.63in)1100mm (43.31in)Combination-lock door handle & flush mounted rails. Includes dual PDU bracket kit, rails, networking top w/ cable grommets, perforated doors, & casters.
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RSC4281BBlack42U 800mm
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RSC4881BBlack48U 800mm
1100mm (43.31in)
RSC4882BBlack48U 800mm
1200mm (47.25in)

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