Liebert RPC BDM External Display Module

Please note, the Liebert RPCBDM-1000 has been discontinued. For replacement options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Liebert RPCBDM-1000 Display Module - provides local display of monitoring data for all connected Liebert MPX, MPH, MPH2, GXT3, GXT4, and RDU-S systems. Place displays for monitoring your PDUs, UPSs and Racks where ever is the most convenient for your setup.

Display information is accessed via a navigation switch on the RPC BDM. A cable is connected directly from the RPC BDM to a Liebert RPC-1000 or RPC-2000 network interface card. A single display can be used for up to four MPH2 Rack PDUs connected as a Rack PDU Array.

Package includes: (1) RPCBDM-1000 Display Module, (1) Connection cable, 2m, (1) Mounting Set.

Liebert RPCBDM-1000 - Click to enlarge

Price: $96.00
NOW: $67.76
Save: $28.24

* The RPC BDM Display Module is not required for operating Liebert MPX, GXT, MPH or RDU-S Systems.