Jumper kit, rack grounding retrofit equipment

RGRKCBNJY rack grounding kit to ground the rack; includes one RGRB19U busbar, one HTCT250-2-1 HTAP, and one RGREJ696Y grounding jumper.

  • Provide a dedicated ground system to maintain system performance and protect network equipment when equipment is already installed
  • Optimized for installation on 19" racks that meet EIA-310-D, with functioning equipment, and are deployed in the field
  • Provide a complete system of matched components that can be easily selected to save cost and labor
  • Thread-forming screws eliminate the need to manually remove paint from the rack
  • Engineered to comply with US and International grounding requirements


Download IconRGRKCBNJY Specifications (PDF)

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Price: $147.00
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RGRKCBNJY Application