RF117HD 17" Console Drawer w/ 32-Port 4-User CAT5 IP KVM with 2 Extenders

The Raloy RF117HD-CATx42132 is a state-of-the-art modular rack console integrated with a Raloy IP KVM switch in only 1 rackmount unit. The RF117HD console features a 17" HD LED LCD screen (1920x1080), a 104 key keyboard (available in 13 languages), and Glidepoint touchpad.

The integrated Raloy CATx42132 KVM is a high density 32 port CATx IP KVM switch with 1 local user at the console drawer, 2 users at an extended console, and 1 user with access over-IP from anywhere in the world. DVI, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort (USB / PS2) server interfaces supported.

RF117HD w/ Integrated KVMConcurrent UsersLocalExtendedOver IPPorts
Raloy RF117HD-CATx42132 - Click to enlarge

Price: $4,538.00
NOW: $4,189.00
Save: $349.00

Power Input
100-240V AC
-12VDC: 12V DC (+$271)
-24VDC: 24V DC (+$271)
-48VDC: 48V DC (+$271)
-110VDC: 110V DC (+$357)
-125VDC: 125V DC (+$357)

For more information see:

RF117HD w/ Integrated KVM, Extended, and Over-IP console diagram
KVM Port Configuration - 32port model shown

RF117HD-CATx42132 Specifications:

Server Interface
VGA - USB (RDG-100S)
VGA - PS2 (RDG-100)
DisplayPort - USB (RDG-100P)
17" HD LED LCD (1920x1080)
Console Mouse Options
Touchpad (Standard)
Trackball (Optional)
Console Keyboard
104 key, available in 13 languages
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1RMU x 17.4 x 22.8 in. (44 x 442 x 580 mm.)
Package Contains
1 x RF117HD Rack Console w/ Integrated KVM
2 x Extended User Station
1 x Rack Mount Kit with screws
1 x Power Cord
1 x Quick Installation Guide
24 Months Parts & Labor

Raloy VGA USB Dongle
Raloy VGA USB Dongle
VGA USB dongle

Raloy VGA PS2 Dongle
Raloy VGA PS2 Dongle
VGA PS2 Dongle

Raloy DVI USB dongle
Raloy DVI USB dongle
DVI USB Dongle

Raloy HDMI USB dongle
Raloy HDMI USB dongle

Raloy DisplayPort USB dongle
Raloy DisplayPort USB dongle
DisplayPort USB dongle

Cascade KVM Cable for Raloy Matrix KVMs
Cascade KVM Cable for Raloy Matrix KVMs
8ft. Matrix cascade cable for Raloy KVMs