Relay Racks - 2 Post Racks

What is a 2 Post Relay Rack?

Relay racks or 2 Post Racks, are a low cost option for rack mounting your servers, network, and telecom equipment.  A Relay Rack is a 2 post aluminum or steel structure with either EIA standard (round) mounting holes or universal (square) mounting holes. Relay Racks are also called 2 Post Racks or Open Bay Racks. The vertical holes spacing on Relay Racks are standardized for mounting Telco, or computer / network equipment. The height of almost all rack mountable computer / network equipment products are built to accommodate these EIA standard rack units. Relay Racks can also mount cantilever shelving for other non-rack mountable equipment.

Relay Rack Benefits:

  • EIA Standard 19" Rack mounts most networking equipment
  • Easily Installable
  • No doors or panels to hinder air flow
  • Compact shipping size
  • Light Weight
  • Requires less real estate then a 4-Post Rack
  • Wide availability of Relay Rack Accessories - cable management products, cantilever shelves, power strips, etc.

When should a 4-Post Rack be considered over a 2 Post Relay Rack?

  • Security - a locked enclosure would be required
  • Stability - normally a 4-Post Rack has far more stability
  • Because of their weight or center of gravity, some equipment can not be safely mounted to a 2 post rack
  • Weight - 4-post racks can mount far more weight
  • Some equipment require front & rear mounting
  • Flooring may not allow bolting of a Relay Rack base

Which is the best Relay Rack for me?
Comparing racks can be a daunting task.  Even comparing racks with similar dimensions can be like comparing apples to oranges.  In addition to your dimensions requirements, please also take into consideration the rack's cooling capabilities and cooling options, compatibility, load capacity, cable management options, rack accessories, rail mounting, and overall rack expandability.

* For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions.  To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.