Vertiv Liebert Intellislot RDU101 Communications Card

The Liebert IntelliSlot RDU101 Communications Card provides remote centralized monitoring connectivity to building management systems (BMS) that use SNMP. It provides web access, data via SNMP for Vertiv equipment and environmental sensors. The RDU101 employs Ethernet networks to monitor and manage a wide range of operating parameters, alarms and notifications.

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Price: $450.00
NOW: $317.65
Save: $132.35

Vertiv Liebert RDU101 Features

  • Quick, real-time view ofparametric data andsystem statuses.
  • Prompt alarm notification for fastevent resolution.
  • Know environmental conditionsof your data center for informed,efficient decision making.
  • Flexible communicationregardless of device protocol.
  • Peace of mind knowing data istransported in a secure manner.
  • Save time configuringand updating firmware onmanaged devices.

Vertiv Liebert RDU101 Benefits

  • Provides web access to the installed devices via popular web browsers-Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.
  • Provides alarm notifications via email and text messaging.
  • Supports environmental monitoring via Liebert SN Sensors for temperature, humidity, leak detection, doors and contact closures.
  • Supports third-party protocols for building and network management applications for status and alarms via SNMP and Modbus TCP.
  • Enables Vertiv software tools and services, including Trellis™ Enterprise, Trellis™ Power Insight and LIFE Services.
  • Supports high-speed file transfer to managed devices for firmware and configuration updates.
  • HTTPS messages and web accessencryption with installable customer provided certificates.
  • Options for SNMP v3 authentication support (none, MD5 or SHA), privacy support (none, DES or AES) and Traps.

RDU101 Accessories

Liebert SN Modular Leak Zone Sensor with 20 Foot Cable
Liebert SN Modular Leak Zone Sensor with 20 Foot Cable