Fail-Safe Transfer Switch CDU-PPTS, Basic, (8) C13 Outlets, 20A 100-240V

Server Technology PTTS-H008-0-02M Basic ATS Specifications:

  • Input Connector - (2) IEC C20
  • Input Cords - 5-20P, L5-20P or C13 Cord Set (sold separately)
  • Current Rating - ≤ 16A (20A max)
  • Voltage Rating - 100-120V or 208-240V @ 50/60Hz
  • Outlets - (8) IEC C13


  • Type - Basic (Not Networked)
  • Input Current Monitoring - No
  • Form Factor - 1U, Horizontal Mount (Brackets Included)
  • Branch Circuit Protection - Internally fused
  • Input Current LEDs - No
  • Expansion Unit to Share One IP Address - NA
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensors - No
  • Phase Synchronization Required? - Yes
ServerTech PTTS-H008-0-02M - Click to enlarge

Server Technology

Dimensions1U (1.75"H) x 17.2"W x 7"D

The Sentry Fail-Safe Transfer Switch (FSTS) features two input power feeds, from separate AC circuits, to supply single-power equipment with dual, redundant power sources. A primary AC circuit provides power to the connected device(s). With this rack automatic transfer switch, if the primary source becomes unavailable for whatever reason, then the Sentry FSTS auto-switches to the secondary power source to support the connected equipment.

The transfer from one power source to the other is seamless to the connected equipment with this rack automatic transfer switch. When the secondary power source is available, an interruption of the primary power source will not affect the equipment's uptime or performance.

Unique to the Sentry FSTS is the ability to designate which power source is primary and which is secondary. With the Primary Select switch, a power engineer simply toggles the switch from primary to secondary, which transfers the load from one power feed to the other. Now, the "secondary" becomes "primary" and the power engineer can safely work on the first power source without dropping power to the connected equipment.

Also exclusive to the FSTS is the ability to select the high voltage (208-230V) or low voltage (110-120V) operating range of the AC power source. Use the Sentry FSTS as a universal power transfer switch for all cabinets and servers, regardless of the voltage. To apply power, just remove a panel and then choose the appropriate voltage range to the Fail-Safe Transfer Switch.

Input Power

  • (2) IEC 60329/C20 Inlets
  • Primary Power Source Input
  • Secondary Power Source Input
  • Requires both power input feeds to be phase-synchronized

Outlet Power

  • (8) IEC 60320/C13 outlets
  • Sum of all 8 outlets must be less than or equal to 16A
  • Each outlet rated by UL/CSA to 12A for 100-120V and 208-240V operation, and by TUV to 10A for 230V operation.

Indicator LEDs

  • Confirms power supplied to outlets
  • Identifies condition as primary power source or secondary power source supplying power to outlets

Transfer Range

NominalPull InDrop Out

Voltage Range Select

  • Supplies either 100-120V or 208-230V AC voltage ranges
  • 120V and 230V equipment cannot be intermixed
  • All power input feeds must be removed prior to selecting/altering operating range
  • Remove Range Select faceplate covering to select appropriate voltage
  • Lucite window allows visual confirmation of voltage range
  • Switch in "up" position designates 208/230V
  • Switch in "down" position indicates 110/120VNominal

Mechanical Integrity

  • Dual-brace cable retainer brackets on power input feeds
  • Clip-style cable-retention retainer brackets at each power outlet
  • Adjustable mounting for the front or rear flush panel

Conformance & Agency Certifications

  • US & Canada (cTUVus mark) to UL 60950-1:2003 and CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-1-03
  • European Union (TUVGS mark) to EN 60950-1:2001
  • FCC Class A, Part 15; CE; EMC - EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024

Branch Circuit Protection

  • Compliant to UL 60905-1
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Server Tech Fast Movers - Stocked PDUs
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