Portable Server Racks

NetClousre Portable Rack

Portable Server RackHeightDepthRailsWidth
12U31"19" EIA25"

Kendall Howard LINIER-series Portable Racks

Kendall Howard LINIER Portable RacksHeightDepthRailsWidth
Solid DoorGlass DoorVented Door
3140-3-001-063141-3-001-063142-3-001-066U22.5"19" EIA23.5"
3140-3-001-093141-3-001-093142-3-001-098U22.5"19" EIA23.5"
3140-3-001-123141-3-001-123142-3-001-1212U22.5"19" EIA23.5"
3140-3-001-153141-3-001-153142-3-001-1515U22.5"19" EIA23.5"
3140-3-001-183141-3-001-183142-3-001-1818U22.5"19" EIA23.5"
3140-3-001-223141-3-001-223142-3-001-2222U22.5"19" EIA23.5"

Various Portable Racks from leading manufacturers.

Portable Server RacksHeightDepthRailsWidth
Kendall Howard
8U31"19" EIA23"
Kendall Howard
12U31"19" EIA23"
Great Lakes
13U32"19" EIA24"
13U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes
24U32"19" EIA24"
Great Lakes
24U32"19" EIA24"

Portable Racks

Portable Racks are durable, lightweight, 4 post fixed server rack enclosures that can be stacked and are easily transportable. Portable racks offer caster wheels for uninhibited trouble-free transportation. Each rack can be fitted with corner guards so when you need more space, simply add on an additional rack. With expandable, mobile design, portable racks are the ultimate modular rack solution that will not out-grow your setup. Typical applications include: tradeshows, class rooms, campuses, modular data centers, and growing businesses.

Which is the best Portable Rack for me?

Comparing portable racks can be a daunting task. Even comparing racks with similar dimensions can be like comparing apples to oranges. In addition to your dimensions requirements, please also take into consideration the rack's cooling capabilities and cooling options, compatibility, load capacity, cable management options, rack accessories, rail mounting, and overall rack expandability. For additional help, please contact our expert sales engineers at 1-866-722-5776.

* Portable racks are not synonumous with wallmount racks, but portable racks may be wallmount‑able.
** For ease in comparison, depth and width are shown here with rounded external rack dimensions.  To see the specific dimensions, please view the individual rack page.

Foam Corner Cushions (4) - Stack Racks / Cover Exposed Corners
Foam Corner Cushions (4) - Stack Racks / Cover Exposed Corners
Foam Corner Cushions for covering exposed corners or for stacking portable Racks