PlenaForm Baffle Kit - pack of 12 (includes 48 rivets & 72 cable ties)

Flexible and scalable raised floor partition system solves dynamic thermal imbalances in data centers by directing or blocking airflow under raised floors.

Creating dedicated cold aisles and partitioning off unoccupied raised floor areas with PlenaForm baffles increases static pressure, delivering a higher volume of cooling through perforated tiles. The Venturi effect is attained as air flow distribution is directed from the CRAC units to further distances, improving equipment cooling.

Note: This kit includes 12 Baffle panels, 48 Rivets and 72 cable ties. For single baffles, please see Plenaform PF-2448

PlenaForm PF-2448-12 - Click to enlarge

Price: $1,320.00
NOW: $1,015.38
Save: $304.62
Dimensions24" x 48" x 0.40"

PlenaForm baffles are scored both vertically and horizontally so that sections can be removed, or new sections added, to meet any height or width requirement. All angles of bend radius may be accommodated, and the continuous pop-out hole pattern allows attachment to any raised floor pedestal type or height

  • Easily cut for passage of cable ties, conduit, cable trays, etc.
  • Fits any raised floor pedestal style or floor height
  • Non-Conductive, Non-Hygroscopic, Inert
  • RoHS and WEEE Compliant

Raised Floor Partition System Installation Tips

PlenaForm Raised Floor Baffle Material Estimates

Material need estimations based upon a 24" h (60.96 cm) clearance from a sub-floor to the bottom of a raised floor stringer and include the required 1-1/2" (3.81 cm) overlap per baffle.
Example: to partition 66 ft. (20.12 m) of a 24" h (60.96 m) raised floor, order 17 PlenaForm baffles (attachment rivets and cable ties are included).

Number of BafflesTotal Coverage in FeetNumber of BafflesTotal Coverage in Feet
14.000 (1.22m)26100.875 (30.75m)
27.875 (2.4m)27104.750 (31.93m)
311.750 (3.58m)28108.625 (33.11m)
415.625 (4.76m)29112.500 (34.29m)
519.500 (5.94m)30116.375 (35.47m)
623.375 (7.12m)31120.250 (36.65m)
727.230 (8.3m)32124.125 (37.83m)
831.125 (9.49m)33128.000 (39.01m)
935.000 (10.67m)34131.875 (40.2m)
1038.875 (11.85m)35135.750 (41.38m)
1142.750 (13.03m)36139.625 (42.56m)
1246.625 (14.21m)37143.500 (43.74m)
1350.500 (15.39m)38147.375 (44.92m)
1454.375 (16.57m)39151.250 (46.1m)
1558.250 (17.75m)40155.125 (47.28m)
1662.125 (18.94m)41159.000 (48.46m)
1766.000 (20.12m)42162.875 (49.64m)
1869.875 (21.3m)43166.750 (50.83m)
1973.750 (22.48m)44170.625 (52.01m)
2077.625 (23.66m)45174.500 (53.19m)
2181.500 (24.84m)46178.375 (54.37m)
2285.375 (26.02m)47182.250 (55.55m)
2389.250 (27.2m)48186.125 (56.73m)
2493.125 (28.38m)49190.000 (57.91m)
2597.000 (29.57m)50193.875 (59.09m)