Eaton NETWORK-M2 Gigabit UPS Network Card

The Eaton Gigabit Network Card (Network-M2) is Eatonís latest UPS connectivity device that delivers IT professionals with new and exciting capabilities and features. The first UPS connectivity device to meet the UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity standard, the Gigabit Network Card improves power system reliability by providing warnings of pending issues to administrators and helping to perform orderly graceful shutdown of servers and storage.

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Network-M2 Data Sheet (PDF)
Eaton Network Connectivity Brochure (PDF)

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Eaton Powerware
Price: $455.00
NOW: $401.81
Save: $53.19
  • Gigabit speed: compatible with better performing, cost effective and widely deployed gigabit network switches
  • Compliance with Gigabit only data center networks
  • Cybersecurity enhancements, including stronger encryption, configurable password policy and usage of CA and PKI signed certificates
  • Real-time clock with battery backup and NTP
  • Increased memory for improved operation and larger data storage
  • Modern user experience with latest web technology
  • Secure SMTP for email alerts
  • LDAP/ActiveDirectory and Radius for centralized user authentication
  • Syslog integration