NetBotz Wireless USB Coordinator & Router

Wireless USB receiver and router. When plugged into compatible appliances, it enables a wireless network to be created. When used with the included power supply, it extends the range of the wireless network.

Used to connect the Wireless Sensor Pod to a NetBotz 180 Pod appliance when used in Coordinator mode, or to supply USB power when in Router mode.

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APC NBWC100U - Click to enlarge

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Dimensions0.5"H x 1"W x 1"D
NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180
NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180
Wireless Sensor Pod 180 (NBPD0180) connects to a NetBotz appliance and allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity (internal sensors included) in a rack in your data center. The Wireless Sensor Pod includes 3 Universal Sensor ports, and up to 48 Wireless sensors for connecting additional sensors that allow you to monitor rack door access, and multiple temperature readings for the rack.