NetBotz Surveillance Base - Software + License for 15 nodes

NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) - StruxureWare Data Center Expert
NetBotz Surveillance Base includes the software and license for 15 nodes (required before additional Surveillance licenses are purchased)

NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) is an add-on software application that enables IT managers to create a visual record of who enters IT areas and what they do while they're there. NetBotz Surveillance is an application that runs on the NetBotz Central server, and acts as a central repository for video information captured by the NetBotz monitoring appliances, providing users with options to quickly access surveillance events, and play movie-like clips of those events.

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Benefits of NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) include:

  • A record of motion in an area for the entire duration of an event -- ideal for capturing routine and non-routine events that may affect the security of an IT area
  • Captures and records events for future retrieval without sending an alert that motion has occurred -- ideal for high or low traffic areas that need a record of events as part of their comprehensive physical and environmental monitoring protection
  • View multiple cameras simultaneously in Live View - flexibly allowing IT managers to keep an eye on several critical areas at once
  • Sort and search recorded clips by many criteria - flexibly manage and retrieve clips with a minimum of effort

NetBotz Surveillance Screen Shot (NBSV1000)
NetBotz Surveillance Screen Shot (NBSV1000)

NetBotz Surveillance is ideal for businesses with remote, distributed IT assets that would like to visually capture all activity within an area. NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) customers include end-users from the following industries:

  • Banking / Finance
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare Education
  • Government
  • Military / Security Communications
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial

In short, anyone with a remote, distributed IT closet that can't afford the costly repercussions of downtime will benefit from NetBotz Surveillance.

How does NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) work?
NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) allows a user to configure specific cameras to be in "surveillance mode". When in "surveillance mode", the camera captures and records the events and activities within the camera's range of view, and sends the images to NetBotz Central. Alerts are not generated from 'Surveillance Mode" activations, rather pictures are captured and stored for later viewing if needed.

The cameras record events in an area continuously until motion in the camera's field of view stops. The events and captured video data area stored within the clip database on NetBotz Central for easy retrieval and review. For example, if 24 hours of image history is captured and being reviewed, periods of time in which there is no activity may be viewed normally, fast forwarded through, or skipped entirely during the review.

NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) Clip Screen Shot
NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) Clip Screen Shot

The Surveillance software (NBSV1000) functions as a database that flexibly and powerfully manages, sorts, and searches the images and clips in any number of ways. Users may define search terms and qualifications to rapidly find clips by camera, date, category, priority, etc, and clips may be defined, tagged, annotated, and assigned a priority level for future review.

The NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) application consists of a standard NetBotz appliance with at least one camera, NetBotz Central (either Standard or Enterprise), and the add-on Surveillance application software. The Surveillance base package can manage 15 nodes (or cameras), and additional Surveillance nodes are available as needed through the purchase of add-on "Surveillance Paks".

NetBotz Surveillance (NBSV1000) provides a powerful and flexible way to ensure the integrity and security of a critical area. Because of the flexibility and power of the NetBotz solution, every application differs in size, scope, and architecture. From monitoring a remote distributed IT closet to providing a redundant security measure within a data center, and everything in between, applications differ with every company and their unique IT environmental monitoring needs. While the applications differ however, the benefits a user receives are many.