NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 (NBRK0750)

The APC NetBotz Room Monitor 250 (NBRK0250) offers cost-effective and essential sensing, access control and instantalerting for IT environments of all sizes where IT rack space is available. Supports up to 42 wired sensors, 47 wireless sensors and badged access for 2 rack doors. APC NetBotz Room monitor 750 provides integrated surveillance, sensing, access control and instant alerting for IT environments of all sizes where IT rack space is available. APC NetBotz 750 (NBRK0750) can support up to 4 HD cameras, 78 wired sensors, 47 wireless sensors and badged access for 26 rack doors.

  • Universal Sensor Ports: 6
  • Included Sensor: Temperature/Humidity (AP9335TH)
  • Optional Sensors: temperature, humidity, door contact, dry contact, vibration, smoke, and fluid spot leak.
  • Sensor Pods Supported (A-Link): 12
  • Universal Sensors Supported: 78
  • Camera Support: 4
  • Power: 120-240V
  • Warranty: 2 years repair or replace

Standard Lead Time: Usually in Stock

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Price: $2,900.00
NOW: $2,488.51
Save: $411.49
Rack Units1U
Dimensions1.69"H x17.01"W x7.01"D



  • 4-Port POE Switch - Built-in true private network switch for use with NetBotz Camera Pod 165 (NBPD0165) or other downstream IP devices
  • Built-in Access Control Ports - Appliance includes integrated access control and door contact sensor ports for use with the stand-alone 125 kHz handle kit (NBHN125) and contact kit (NBES0303)
  • Dual Rope Leak Inputs - Dual rope leak sensor ports allow additional leak detection in two different directions
  • Expansive Security and Monitoring - Supports up to 78 wired sensors, 47 wireless sensors, access control for 26 rack doors, and 4 camera streams downstream of a single IP address
  • HD Camera Support - Supports the new HD, Low Light Camera Pod 165 (NBPD0165)
  • Rack Access Pod Support - Supports up to 12 Rack Access Pod 170's (NBPD0171) connected via daisy-chain
  • Sensor Pod Support - Supports up to 12 Sensor Pod 150's (NBPD0150) connected via daisy-chain


  • Camera Frame Rate: Up to 30fps
  • Type of Camera Pods Supported: Rack Sensor Pod 150, Room Sensor Pod 155
  • Camera Resolution: Up to 1280x1024
  • Type of External Sensors Supported: 0-5V, Door Contact, Dry Contact, Humidity, Smoke, Fluid Spot Leak, Temperature, Vibration
  • Number of Additional Camera Pods: 6.0
  • Number of Additional Sensor Pods: 78.0
  • External Sensor Ports: 4

NBRK0250 Includes

  • NetBotz Rack Monitor 750
  • Rack mounting brackets
  • Temperature/humidity sensor
  • USB Cable

Download IconAPC NetBotz 750 Data Sheet (PDF)

Download IconAPC NetBotz 750 User Manual (PDF)

NetBotz 750 (NBRK0750) Specifications

Physical Characteristics

Height 1.69 in (4.3 cm)
Width 17.01 in (43.2 cm)
Depth 7.01 in (17.8 cm)
Net Weight 5.40 lb(US) (2.45 kg)
Mount Position 1U Rackmount
Storage Temperature 5 - 149 F (-15 - 65 C)
Operating Temperature 32 - 113 F (0 - 45 C)
Storage Humidity 0 - 95%
Operating Humidity 0 - 95%
Storage Elevation 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)
Operation Elevation 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)
Connectors and Sensors  
APC Universal Sensors Supported Temperature; Temperature / Humidity; Door Contact; Smoke; Fluid Spot Leak; Vibration; Dry Contact
Warranty 2 years repair or replace