NetBotz 420 rack-mount appliance (NBRK0420)

Please note, the APC NBRK0420 is discontinued. For alternative options, please see Rack / Room Monitoring. For additional upgrade options, contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

Please note, the APC NBRK0420 is discontinued. For replacement or upgrade options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative at 1-866-722-5776.

The NetBotz 420 (NBRK0420) is a fully featured monitoring solution ideal for small to medium-sized spaces that require comprehensive monitoring capabilities with moderate expandability. This next-generation solution has a modular architecture that gives the user tremendous flexibility along with rich image graphics and integrated environmental monitoring. The appliance form factor is plug-n-play, and can be up and running within 30 minutes. The web interface provides immediate sensor readings, real-time camera images, and immediate configuration. The appliance can also be wirelessly connected to an 802.11b wireless LAN. SSL encryption is standard on the NetBotz 420 (NBRK0420)providing secure transmission of alerts to prevent potential interception and misuse of camera clips. Alerts can be sent via email, SNMP, or text messaging. Customizable thresholds and alert policies include specialized threshold types such as rate-of-change and above-value-too-long. Alerts can now include graphs as well as pictures, and separate alert actions can be triggered at different alert severity levels.

NetBotz 420 (NBRK0420) Features:

  • NetBotz 420 is a fully enclosed appliance that includes an integrated camera and environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, dewpoint, airflow, and door)
  • Expandable via 1.1 USB port; supports up to 1 additional Camera (or CCTV Adapter) Pod and up to 4 non-camera pods (Power Control, Sensor, or Output Relay Pods
  • Camera pods and sensor pods can be located as far as 340 feet (104 m) from the base station, allowing coverage of multiple rooms or cabinets.
  • The Camera provides: High-performance color camera with resolutions up to 640 x 480 and frame rates up to 20 fps, with 24-bit color
  • The integrated sensors provide: Integrated environment sensors for temperature, humidity, dew point, and airflow
  • Four external sensor ports to connect external analog and dry contact sensors
  • IP-addressable, integrated web server
  • Alerts via E-mail, SNMP, Text Messaging, FTP, HTTP and Web Services
  • Compact Flash Card slot supports 802.11b
  • Support for PPP over USB attached dial modem
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
  • SSL encryption for live viewing and alert transmission
  • Up to 12 hours onboard data retention for reviewing recent alert data, graphs, and pictures.
  • Advanced View 2.x console software provides camera views, recent alert history and graphs, plus configuration functions
  • Customized alert actions can be configured based on alert type, severity, and time alert occurred. Alert profiles let you customize notification actions at multiple escalation levels.
  • Periodic data reports via E-mail, FTP, and HTTP
  • Comes standard with Camera Motion Sensing software and Basic Device Crawlers
  • Wall and rack mount form factors are available
  • Advanced Device Crawlers and IPMI monitoring of physical 'vital signs' of servers & network equipment *
  • Digital 'watermarking' of video clips *
  • Camera 'block-out' to prevent viewing of portion of image area *
  • Import map/image into Advanced View for graphical image of deployment, including icons representing pods/sensors/appliances that turn color with sensor thresholds *
  • Output Power Control with industry-leading intelligent power strip manufacturers, allowing NetBotz solution to provide power on/off for each port on a power strip and provide a hard shut down of individual ports.*
  • *Note: Premium Software Modules (available with purchase of Extended Warranty) enable these capability on NetBotz 500 appliances

NetBotz 420 (NBRK0420) Specifications:



Wall Mount

12.45cmW x 19.55cmH x 2.27cmD,, 20 gauge metal

Rack Mount

19" rack mount, 1U, 20 gauge metal




Appliance operational/alert status, network speed, network activity, temperature out-of-limit, camera activity, humidity out of-limit, airflow out-of-limit, sound detected, external sensor violation detected LEDs

Additional Camera Pods



Supports up to 1 additional camera pod (Camera Pod 120 or CCTV Adapter Pod 120)

Additional Sensor Pod



Supports up to 4 additional pods (any combination of Sensor Pod 120s, Output Relay Pod 120s, or Power Control Pods)




TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, DHCP, DNS, Socks V4 or V5 Proxy server

Network Interfaces



Ethernet 10/100 Mbps standard, optional 802.1 lb, GSM/SMS, PPP modem

Management Interface



Internet Explorer v 5.5 or later; Netscape Navigator v 4.79, 6.0 or later; Mozilla 1.3 or later

Client System Requirements



Microsoft Windows, (2000 or XP SP1), Red Hat EL 3, Fedora Core 3, or Debian GNU 3 or a Sparc workstation running Solaris 9 with all patch bundles recommended by Sun. Use of Advanced View interface requires a one-time download of the Java Runtime Environment Plug-in from Sun Microsystems.

Operational Environment



Temperature: 2 to 50 C (35 F to 120 F); Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% (noncondensing); For indoor use only, not designed for use in corrosive or caustic environments

Screen Resolution



1024 x 768 recommended

Regulatory Certification



FCC Class A, CE, VCCI on system, UL on power supply

APC Discontinued Products: APC NBRK0420