APC NetBotz 4-20mA Sensor Pod - Monitor 4 x Analog Sensors.

The APC NetBotz 4-20mA Sensor Pod (NBPD0129) enables you to connect up to four 4-20mA sensors to your NetBotz 455 or NetBotz 500 appliance.

Hundreds of 4-20mA sensors are available from third-parties, including sensors designed to measure liquid flow rates, liquid levels, gases, pressure, temperature, air velocity, voltage, and more. These sensors are connected to the pod using screw terminals that are attached to the pod. The 4-20mA Sensor Pod also provides a supplemental power port (18 volts nominal, 50mA) for use with 3- and 4-wire 4-20mA sensors.

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Price: $389.99
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Save: $67.64
Dimensions3.82"H x 2.52"W x 0.79"D
  • 4 Optional sensors: Add sensors to compatible NetBotz Appliances for monitoring temperature, humidity, fluid, vibration, dust particles, etc.
  • 3rd party sensor support: Easily add 3rd party sensors for monitoring fluid, vibration, dust particles, radiation, etc. to meet specific monitoring needs.
  • Unique identifiers: Customize each sensor with a differentiating name and location.
  • Mounting: Includes wall, ceiling and enclosure mounting capabilities.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5 % Full Scale
  • Sensor I/O Current Range: 0 to 23mA
  • – Open is detected at 3mA – Overcurrent is detected at 23mA
  • DC Supply Port: Non-Isolated, Unregulated 18V DC, 50mA MAX
  • Operational Environment: 35 to 120 deg F, 10 % RH to 95% RH noncondensing
  • Sense voltage drop: 1V DC @ 20mA
  • Wiring Recommendations: Use AWG 16 to AWG 28 wire for best results. Twisted-pair recommended for loop lengths greater than 100 ft
  • Standard warranty: 2 years repair or replace
  • Compliance: RoHS, CE, FCC Part 15 Class A, VCCI


  • The NetBotz 4-20mA Sensor Pod (with detachable screw terminals)
  • 5 meter USB Cable
  • 4 self-stick black rubber feet (can be adhered to the unit’s mounting tabs for desktop-mounted pod deployments)
  • Wall-mounting kit (includes 2 screws and 2 anchors for use in wallmounted deployments)
  • USB cable mounting kit
  • NetBotz 4-20mA Sensor Pod Manual

Download IconAPC NetBotz NBPD0129 Manual (PDF)

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