NetBotz Smoke Sensor - 10 ft.

APC NBES0307 NetBotz is a 10ft universal Sensor that detects smoke in IT spaces. This sensor supplements the existing life safety system already in place. Smoke detection is best when you install the sensor near the top of the enclosure. The sensor occupies one U-space.

Note: You can extend the length of the sensor cable up to 30.5 m (100 feet) using the RJ-45 coupling and standard CAT-5 cabling

  • Operating Environment: 32 - 113 F (0 - 45 C)
  • Storage Temperature: 5 - 149 F (-15 - 65 C)
  • Operating & Storage Humidity: 0 - 95%
  • Operating Elevation: 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)
  • Storage Elevation: 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)
  • RJ-45 sensor connection type: Automatically detected by compatible NetBotz appliances and easily extended with standard CAT5/6 cable to 100 feet.
  • Unique identifiers: Customize each sensor with a differentiating name and location.
  • Standard warranty: 2 years repair or replace
  • RoHS: Compliant
  • REACH: REACH, Contains No SVHCs

This Smoke Sensor includes a System Sensor model 4W-B, I3 Series, Photoelectric Smoke Detector. For complete safety, installation, operation, and maintenance information, refer to the I3 Series Installation and Maintenance Instructions on the System Sensor Web site.

Includes: Cable ties, Rack Mounting brackets

Standard Lead Time: Usually Ships within 2 Weeks

APC NBES0307 - Click to enlarge

Price: $199.99
NOW: $163.53
Save: $36.46
Rack Units1U
Dimensions5.2"H x 6.89"W x 6.61"D


  • Make sure you remove the orange protective cover.
  • Use adhesive cable tie holders and tie wraps to secure the sensor cable.
  • Operation:

    The Smoke Sensor LEDs function as follows:

    • Both LEDs will blink simultaneously once every ten seconds during the power-up sequence.
    • The green LED will blink once every five seconds to indicate normal operation.
    • The red LED will blink once every five seconds to indicate that the Smoke Sensor is out of sensitivity.
    • The red LED will turn on when the Smoke Sensor reports an alarm state.