NetBotz Spot Fluid Sensor - 15 ft.

APC NBES0301 NetBotz 15 Ft universal Sensor that provides early detection of fluid in your Data Center or Network Closet in a specified location.

Note: You can extend the length of the sensor cable up to 30.5 m (100 feet) using the RJ-45 coupling and standard CAT-5 cabling

  • Operating Environment: 32 - 113 F (0 - 45 C)
  • Storage Temperature: 5 - 149 F (-15 - 65 C)
  • Operating Elevation: 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)
  • Storage Elevation: 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)
  • RJ-45 sensor connection type: Automatically detected by compatible NetBotz appliances and easily extended with standard CAT5/6 cable to 100 feet.
  • Unique identifiers: Customize each sensor with a differentiating name and location.
  • Standard warranty: 2 years repair or replace
  • RoHS: Compliant
  • REACH: REACH, Contains No SVHCs

Includes: Cable Ties

Standard Lead Time: Usually in Stock

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Price: $159.99
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Dimensions2.52"H x 2.52"W x 0.98"D

Using the Insulator Sheet on a Conductive Surface

The NetBotz Spot Fluid Sensor uses electronic circuits to detect the presence of fluid. If the sensor contacts are shorted, the fluid detection circuits will not work. Shorting can occur when the sensor is placed on a metal surface, or on some materials, such as cement flooring (particularly cement that is wet), that may be conductive and grounded.

Place the Spot Fluid Sensor on the provided insulator sheet to avoid shorting the contacts.

Configuring the Spot Fluid Sensor

Once the Spot Fluid Sensor is conected to the NetBotz Appliance, it will be detected automatically, and will appear in the Sensor Readings pane.

The Spot Fluid Sensor is a normally open (NO) dry contact sensor. Use the Dry Contact task to configure the settings for the NetBotz Spot Fluid Sensor. See the NetBotz Appliance Users Guide for more information about the Advanced View.

Caring For and Cleaning Your Sensor

While your Spot Fluid Sensor is fluid-resistant, it is intended for leak detection only and is not designed to be immersed for extended periods of time. Use only plain tap water to clean your Spot Fluid Sensor. Do not use soap or detergents of any kind. In addition, the RJ-45 coupling should not be an area where water will collect or condensation may form, as this may corrode the coupling.