Liebert MPH2-B Monitored PDU (MPHB1756)

Please note, the Liebert MPHB1756 has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Liebert MPHB1756 Monitored PDU:
Current: 60A
Voltage: 200 - 240V 3-ph Delta
Input Plug: Hardwire 3P4W
Outlets: (24) C13 + (6) C19
Mounting: 0U Vertical

SeriesInlet MeteringOutlet MeteringOutlet Switching
MPH2 Type B
Monitored PDU

Liebert MPH2 is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs on the market. The MPH2 series offers comprehensive remote monitoring and control capabilities up to the receptacle level, as well as built in environmental monitoring - add up to 10 environmental sensors such as rack temperature, humidity and door contacts. Lowest power consumption of all switched rack PDU designs ensures lower operating costs for datacenter. MPH2 offers the industry's leading operating temperatures, ensuring availability even in the harsh environment at the back of the rack.

Liebert MPHB1756 - Click to enlarge


Dimensions71.9"L x 2.2"W x 2.0"D

For more information see:

Libert MPH2 PDU Application Diagram

Liebert MPH2 Family Benefits

  • Energy and power metering to maximize the data center power and cooling infrastructure, including Volts, Current, kW, KVA, kWh, Power Factor, Crest Factor, and Frequency.
  • Allows you to predict failing conditions before they occur and proactively manage connected equipment for maximum uptime
  • Environmental monitoring - up to 10 sensors (temperature, air humidity, door contacts as well as potential-free input contacts) can be connected to the communications card.
  • Lowest power consumption of all switched rack PDU designs ensures lower operating costs for datacenter
  • Four MPH2 rack PDUs may be cascaded as a Rack PDU Array, consolidating user IP connections and device monitoring.

Designed for Critical Environments

  • Industry leading operating temperature up to 60˚C / 140˚F to support hot Internal rack environments
  • Accurate power metering of +/-1% voltage & current for assured oversight
  • Energy and power metering down to the individual receptacle
  • Comprehensive alarming including notification of overloaded branch circuits. Set custom thresholds for alarms.
  • Environmental sensing with threshold and alarm set-points
  • Bi-stable relays ensure basic power distribution in the event that intelligence is compromised

Liebert MPHB1756 Specifications


71.9" (L) x 2.2" (W) x 2.0" (D)

Current (Amps)



200 - 240V 3-ph

Input Plug

Hardwire 3P4W

Outlet Receptacles

(24) C13 + (6) C19


Preinstalled Toolless brackets, Universal Mounting bracket Ability to ship rack PDU preinstalled in Emerson Racks

Maximum Operating Temp.

0C to 60C
(32F to 140F)

Storage Temperature

-25C to 85C
(-13F to 185F)

Relative Humidity

5% to 95%

Overcurrent Protection

Software Electronic Overcurrent Protection
100% Rated 20A Branch Overcurrent Protection -
Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Idle Power Consumption

3W - 5W

Standard Warranty

2 Years;
Extended Warranties Available - Contact us for information

Agency Approvals


Metering Levels

Aggregate, Branch, Phase, Outlet

Parameters Measured

Volts, Current, kW, KVA, kWh, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Frequency

Metering Accuracy



RPC2 communications module

Local Management

Onboard Display,
Optional Local Display

Remote Management

Onboard Web Interface; CLI; SNMP; SSH; Telnet
Integration with Avocent ACS, Avocent Universal Management Gateway & Avocent MergePoint Unity Integration with DSView. Rack Power Manager, Nform and the Trellis platform

SNMP version support

v1, v2 and v3


Remote: Active Directory, LDAP, TACACS,
Radius, Kerberos