42U NEMA 12 Enclosure w/ Integrated Cooling & Backup Cooling, 1.6kW

Please note, the Liebert MCR MCR-42U-RB has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

The Liebert MCR MCR-42U-RB is a self-contained rack enclosure system that includes a load-sized, computer-grade air conditioner located at the bottom of the enclosure, supplying cool air to sensitive equipment on all levels. A back-up cooling system ensures environmental security.

  • Sealed, NEMA Type 12 Enclosure - protect against dust, dirt, and dripping non-corrosive liquids, oil and lubricants.
  • Provides integrated rack-mounted Environmental Cooling Module (ECM), and a Back-Up Cooling Module (BCM).
  • Secure Door: lockable door provides an extra measure of security.
  • External Dim.: 77"H x 23.5"W x 38"D
  • Internal Rack Dim.: 42U / 73.5" x 19"W x 26.5" to 30.5"D (adjustable depth)
  • ECM Supported Cooling Load: 1647 Watt / 5621 BTUH
  • BCM Supported Cooling Load: 824 Watt / 2811 BTUH
  • Max Ambient Temp: 105°F / 41°C
  • Sound Level (1.5m): 52 Lpa (ECM), 59 Lpa (BCM)
  • Input Power: 120V @ 60Hz
  • Standards: IEC IP52 enclosure (HD/RD systems), NRTL: ETL and CSA approved, ISTA Procedure 1B
  • Warranty: None - 2 Years with optional StartUp Service (contact us)

Includes: Front Plexi Door, Rear Door BCM Assembly and insulated side panels, Rail FRT/RR SQR 42U (78"), EMC2000LR-T60 & BCM2000L-60, Caster Kit, High Temp Alarm, Adapter ECM 19" x 38" Duct, Color RAL 7021.

Please Note: Self-contained racks cannot be returned. Please make sure to size your airflow requirements, and power requirements correctly before ordering. Standard manufacturer warranty still applies. For other rack sizes, 3.6 kW capacity, or other configurations, please contact us.

Standard lead time is 2-4 weeks.

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Top Mounted Environmental Cooling Module

Internal ECM
The integrated ECM enclosure design promotes the best air circulation to prevent hot spots within the enclosure. Inside and outside air are isolated for maximum cleanliness.

Back-Up Cooling Module

Back-Up Cooling
During high internal temperature or power outage conditions, the BCM (Back-Up Cooling Module) — powered by the enclosure’s UPS — is automatically activated, drawing in filtered outside air to ensure continuous air flow to protected equipment.

In-Row Environmental Cooling Module

Air Distribution
Exclusive ECM conditioned air distribution duct ensures uniform air flow for multiple enclosures.


  • Designed as a plug-and-play system ready to install.
  • Wheel-mounted cabinet for easy relocation.
  • Adjustable racks and rack rails support a wide variety of equipment.
  • Optional top mounted air conditioning allows maximum use of internal rack space or can be used to double cooling capacity with the internal air conditioning unit.

Higher Availability:

  • Cools IT equipment to eliminate downtime from overheating.
  • Lockable door protects against unauthorized access.
  • Specially designed door gasket and sealed cable entrance ensure stable cooling environment.
  • Optional back-up cooling assures continued cooling in the event of a power loss.
  • Improved cable access and management improves airflow to reduce overheating of protected IT equipment.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:

  • Competitively priced as an integrated system, compared to purchasing separate components.
  • Simplified plug-and-play installation reduces overall implementation time, reducing costs.
  • Optional energy saver control saves money by allowing back-up cooling to operate as primary enclosure cooler.
  • Integrated air conditioning reduces potential downtime costs by assuring proper system operation.

Ideally Suited For:

  • Network closets
  • Server closets or small rooms

Power can be supplied and protected through an optional Liebert GXT on-line UPS or Liebert PSI line-interactive UPS. Power distribution is supplied via optional Liebert MPH2 PDUs.

Liebert MCR-42U-RB Specifications:

Download IconMCR Specifications Guide (TXT)

External Rack Dim. (including BCM):77"H (1956 mm) x 23.5"W (597 mm) x 38"D (965 mm)
Internal Rack Dim.:42U / 73.5" (1867 mm) x 19"W (483 mm) x 26.5" to 30.5"D adjustable depth (673 mm to 775 mm)
Environmental Cooling Module Dim.7U / 12.25"H (311 mm) x 17.43"W (443 mm) x 29"D (737 mm)
Back-Up Cooling Module Dim.35"H (889 mm) x 15.5"W (393.7 mm) x 3.75"D (95.2 mm)
ECM Cooling
Supported Cooling Load:1647 Watt / 5621 BTUH
Rated Cooling Capacity:2021 Watt / 6897 BTUH
Total Heat Rej.:3204 Watt / 10935 BTUH
ECM Max Ambient Temp:105°F / 41°C
ECM Sound Level:52 Lpa (1.5m)
Power120V @ 60Hz, 9.8 A (full load), 15A overload protection
- Wire Sizing Amps: 11.7A
Backup (BCM) Cooling
Supported Cooling Load:824 Watt / 2811 BTUH
Rated Cooling Capacity:NA
Total Heat Rej.:3204 Watt / 10935 BTUH
ECM Max Ambient Temp:105°F / 41°C
ECM Sound Level:59 Lpa (1.5m)
Power120V @ 60Hz, 2 A (full load), 15A overload protection
- Wire Sizing Amps: 2.5A
Standards-19" EIA-310 Standard rack mount
-NEMA Type 12 / IEC IP52 enclosure (HD/RD systems)
-NRTL: ETL and CSA approved (120VAC or 208VAC/60Hz systems)
-CE Compliance mark (230VAC/50Hz systems)
-ISTA Procedure 1B
With optional StartUp Service (contact us): The Liebert MCR units are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for two (2) years parts, from date of shipment.