Liebert LT460-Z45 Zone Leak Detection Cable Kit, 45ft

Liebert LT460-Z45 is a Water Leak Detection Module with a 45 foot leak detection cable. LT460-Z45 Kit includes: LT460 Module, a 45ft leak detection cable (LT500Y), and cable hold-down clips (HDC).

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Liebert LT460 - Spec Sheet (PDF)
Liebert Water Leak Brochure (PDF)

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Price: $600.00
NOW: $423.53
Save: $176.47
Dimensions5.35"W x 3.23"D x 3.5"H

The Liebert Liqui-tect 460 (LT460) provides zone detection of leaks, protecting equipment by constantly monitoring the area for leaking liquids. Selectable modes of operation provide flexible alarming options and protection for the cable. The LT460 constantly monitors a zone for leaks, internal faults and power failures and warns of any abnormal conditions. Top cover LEDs provide status indication and also ensure the cable is properly installed and operational under raised floors.


  • Glycol, Condenser Water and Chilled Water Cooling Piping Leak
  • Humidification Feed Water Piping
  • Condensate Pumps and Drains
  • Unit and Ceiling Auxiliary Drip Pans
  • Overhead Piping Troughs
Liebert RDU-S Environmental Monitoring Unit
Liebert RDU-S Environmental Monitoring Unit
Remote Monitor various types of camera and sensor devices, such as temperature, humidity, water, smoke, motion and door sensors.

Question: I am looking at the LT460-Z45 kit but I need longer cables. Do you sell the LT500-50Y cables and hold down clips?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. It does not appear we have that product up online, but we do sell the LT500-50Y and hold down clips. To request pricing and to order, please contact your Server Racks Online representative directly at 1-866-722-5776, via our online chat feature, or by email to