Liebert LT410 Zone Leak Detection Module, 2 Dry Contact Ouput

Liebert LT410 is a Water Leak Detection Module with two Form-C dry contact alarm output contacts (DPDT RELAY SUPERV): orange wires (1) and yellow wires (2). Each contact is rated for 24 VAC at 3 amp.

The LT410 is the ideal solution for sensing leaks under a raised computer floor or air conditioning drip pans. Two independent outputs provide added flexibility with the capacity to signal both a local alarm panel and a remote building management system or external equipment, such as motorized water shut-off valves.

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Liebert LT410 - Spec Sheet (PDF)
Liebert Water Leak Brochure (PDF)

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Price: $183.00
NOW: $129.18
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Dimensions6.35"W x 2.25"D x 4.46"H

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