Liebert GXT4 Series UPS

Liebert GXT4 Family 500VA to 10kVA Picture

Liebert GXT4 UPS series is one of the most advanced battery backup solutions available on the market. Double conversion eliminates all power quality issues without any fluctuation in voltage, while automatic and manual power bypass assure continuity of power to critical loads during system maintenance or in case of internal fault. Intelligent monitoring, reporting, communication, and controllable outlet groups make remote and local power management easy. Up to six external battery cabinets can be added for extended run time, and an ECO mode option allows for improved energy efficiency. Mounting is flexible with rack rails and tower supports included.

Liebert GXT4 UPS Systems
Part NumberCapacityVoltageInputOutput
GXT4-500RT120500 VA / 450 W120V5-15P(6) 5-15R
GXT4-700RT120700 VA / 630 W120V5-15P(6) 5-15R
GXT4-1000RT1201 kVA / 900 W120V5-15P(6) 5-15R
GXT4-1500RT1201.5 kVA / 1350 W120V5-15P(6) 5-15R
GXT4-2000RT1202 kVA / 1800 W120V5-20P(6) 5-15/20R
GXT4-3000RT1203 kVA / 2700 W120V5-30P(1) L5-30R, (6) 5-20R
GXT4-3000RT2083 kVA / 2700 W208VL6-20P(1) L5-20R, (2) L6-15R
GXT4-5000RT2085 kVA / 4000 W120/208VHardwire*Hardwire*
GXT4-6000RTL6306 kVA / 4200 W208VL6-30P(2) L6-20R, (2) L6-30R
GXT4-6000RT2086 kVA / 4800 W120/208VHardwire*Hardwire*
GXT4-8000RT2088 kVA / 7200 W120/208VHardwire*Hardwire*
GXT4-10000RT20810 kVA / 9000 W120/208VHardwire*Hardwire*

*Power Output Distribution (POD) boxes available with different input / output options
for hardwired GXT4 UPS's.

Power Protection Features

  • On-line, Double Conversion eliminates all power quality issues such as noise, frequency, over and under voltage. Power is always being conditioned so there isn't any drop in voltage.
  • Power-Factor Correction prevents noise, harmonics and distortion from being passed on to connected loads or from being fed back to the utility.
  • Automatic and Manual Internal Bypass Capability assures continuity of power to critical loads during system maintenance or in case of internal fault.
  • Automatic Frequency Sensing - The UPS automatically adjusts to the input frequency, 50Hz or 60Hz, and can also be programmed to convert from one to the other.
  • Overload Capability - Designed to handle output overload conditions.
  • Input Circuit Breaker provides increased protection to ease recovery from overloads.
  • Lightning and Surge Protection - The transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) circuitry inside Liebert GXT4 UPS provides additional protection for the connected equipment.

Power & Surge Supression Features

Battery Features

  • Wide Input Voltage Window prolongs battery life by allowing the UPS to maximize the use of utility power before transferring to battery when input voltage exceeds specified limits.
  • External Battery Cabinets can be added as needed for additional runtime .
  • Hot Swappable Internal Batteries - Easy to replace batteries to protect your investment by extending the product life.
  • Periodic Battery Testing provides automatic and manual self-diagnostic battery testing for peace of mind to indicate if the battery is healthy.
  • Intelligent Battery Management - Includes efficient three-stage charging technique and comprehensive discharging protection that extends battery life.

GXT4 UPS Internal Battery Pack

See the:
500VA - 3kVA Battery Runtimes (PDF)
5kVA - 10kVA Battery Runtimes (PDF)

GXT4 UPS - Replacement Internal Batteries
Part NumberUPS CompatibilityQty (Cells x V, Rating)
GXT4-5A48BATKIT0.5 to 1 kVA1 (4 x 12V, 5Ah)
GXT4-9A48BATKIT1.5 to 2 kVA1 (4 x 12V, 9Ah)
GXT4-9A72BATKIT3 kVA1 (6 x 12V, 9Ah)
GXT4-144VBATKIT5 to 6 kVA2 (6 x 12V, 9Ah)
GXT4-240VBATKITGXT4-6000RTL6302 (10 x 12V, 5Ah)
GXT4-288VBATKIT8 to 10 kVA2 (12 x 12V, 9Ah)

GXT4 UPS - External Batteries
Part NumberUPS CompatibilityQty (Cells x V, Rating)
GXT4-48VBATT0.5 to 2 kVA1 (4 x 12V, 9Ah)
GXT4-72VBATT3 kVA1 (6 x 12V, 9Ah)
GXT4-144VBATT5 to 6 kVA2 (6 x 12V, 9Ah)
GXT4-240VBATTGXT4-6000RTL6302 (10 x 12V, 9Ah)
GXT4-288VBATT8 to 10 kVA2 (12 x 12V, 9Ah)

Intelligent Networked UPS

New Intelligent Rotating LCD Panel
The new intuitive Intelligent color LCD screen features an easy menu structure and easy configuration capability; you can now program settings from the LCD screen or the included software (controlled from the web interface). The LCD display panel rotates 90° to make the readout easy to see in rack or tower installations.

Independently Controllable Outlet Groups
Two independently controlled pairs of outlet groups can be programmed for load shedding and sequential restart if the UPS is in overload or when selected backup time remains.

Selectable ECO-Mode
Connected equipment can be powered through the bypass while the inverter remains idle, reducing electricity consumption.

  • DCIM and BMS Ready.
  • Advance Early Warning of UPS System Status - Multiple audible and visual alarms immediately alert you to critical issues.
  • Intelligent Fan Operation & Internal Temperature Sensors - Fans automatically modulate rotation speed depending on real time requirements to decrease power consumption and noise.
  • File Upload Configuration can be saved and uploaded from other GXT4 units of same size.
  • Email Notifications - Receive a daily snapshot or custom threshold notifications via email or SNMP.
  • Reporting / Communication / Shutdown - USB, SNMP (including SNMPv3) and IPv.6 based management.

Intellicard UPS Webcard

2 Year Warranty

The industry’s best warranty – No-hassle two-year warranty with advanced UPS replacement in the event of problems. Shipping is free for both original UPS return and the replacement unit. Optional one-year and three-year extensions also available.

Power Assurance Package (Optional) - 5 Year Comprehensive On-site Warranty

As organizations embrace new IT and communications technologies, they are relying on these systems to be always on and always available. The increased criticality of these systems has made system downtime costlier. To address this, Liebert offers you the UPS Power Assurance Package - 5 year comprehensive worry free on-site services protection plan; the industry's most comprehensive and effective lifecycle support for UPS systems. The Power Assurance Package simplifies deployment and maintenance, frees up IT staff time, and enables power delivery for critical IT spaces.

  • On-Site Installation and Startup to provide pain-free multi-site rollout management and free you from hazardous material disposal in your existing UPS.
  • On-site Service Support 24/7 support (within 150 miles of regional Service Center) with 100% labor & travel coverage
  • 100% Parts Coverage including internal batteries, power output distribution and webcards.
  • 24/7 Customer Resolution Center over phone or online, for emergency services / trouble shooting.
  • Preventative Maintenance for 5-10kVA models to reduce downtime and ensure rapid recovery.

UPS Power Assurance - Extended Warranty
Part NumberGXT UPS CompatibilityDescription
PAPGXT-1K3KUp to 3 kVA5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation - 24x7
PAPGXT-1K3KRMV5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation and Removal- 24x7
PAPGXT-5K6K5 to 6 kVA5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation - 24x7
PAPGXT-5K6KRMV5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation and Removal- 24x7
PAPGXT-8-10K8 to 10 kVA5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation - 24x7
PAPGXT-8-10KRMV5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation and Removal- 24x7
5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation - 24x7
PAPGXT-BATTRMV5-yr on-site, full service contract with Start-Up / Installation and Removal- 24x7

Power Output Distribution (POD) - For Hardwired UPS's

For installation flexibility, the Liebert GXT4 5kVA to 10kVA UPS's allow you to choose from several different input and output power wiring configurations made possible by the use of removable power distribution boxes (PODs) that simply plug into the rear of the UPS.

Liebert Power Output Distribution (POD) Unit

GXT4 UPS - Power Distribution Boxes (PODs)
Part NumberUPS CompatibilityInput PowerOutlets
PD2-0025 kVA to 6 kVAL14-30P(4) 5-20R, (1) L14-30R, (1) L6-30R
PD2-003(2) 5-20R, (2) L6-20R
PD2-004(4) 5-20R, (2) L5-30
PD2-005(4) L5-20R, (2) L6-30R
PD2-006(2) L6-20R
PD2-007(2) L6-30R, (2) L6-20R
PD2-1018 kVA to 10 kVA3W + G(2) L6-30, (8) 5-15/20R
PD2-102(4) L6-20R, (4) 5-15/20R
PD2-103(4) 5-15/20R, (4) L6-30R
PD2-104(4) 5-15/20R, (2) L6-30R, (2) L6-20R
PD2-105(4) 5-15/20R, (2) L5-30R, (2) L5-20R
PD2-106(4) L6-20R, (4) L5-20R
PD2-107(4) L5-20R, (4) 5-15/20R
PD2-108(2) L6-20R, (2) L6-30R
PD2-109(2) L14-30R
PD2-200(4) C19, (4) C13
PD2-201(2) C19, (8) C13
PD2-202(12) C13
PD2-204(2) IEC309-32A, (4) C13

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