Liebert GXT4 On-Line UPS, 6kVA (GXT4-6000RT208)

Please note, the Liebert GXT4-6000RT208 has been discontinued. Please see: Liebert GXT5-6000MVRT4UXLN for the direct replacement. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Liebert GXT4-6000RT208 UPS is one of the most advanced battery backup solutions available on the market. Double conversion eliminates all power quality issues without any fluctuation in voltage, while automatic and manual power bypass assure continuity of power to critical loads during system maintenance or in case of internal fault. Intelligent monitoring, reporting, communication, and controllable outlet groups make remote and local power management easy. Up to six external battery cabinets can be added for extended run time and an ECO mode option allows improved energy efficiency. Mounting is flexible with rack rails and tower supports included.

Power Rating - 4800W / 6000VA
Output AC - Hardwire Terminal Block* (120/208VAC)
Input AC - Hardwire Terminal Block* (120/208VAC)

*Power Output Distribution (POD) boxes available with different input / output options for hardwired GXT4 UPS's.

Liebert GXT4-6000RT208 UPS - Click to enlarge


Rack Units4U
Dimensions6.8"H x 16.9"W x 26.1"D

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The Liebert GXT4-6000RT208 UPS is a on-line double conversion power source, meaning all power quality issues such as noise, frequency, over and under voltage, that most UPS systems struggle with are eliminated. Power is always being conditioned to the connected devices so voltage will always remain constant without any drop. With manual and automatic bypass, if the UPS fails, power will transfer back to utility without any dipto protect against adverse conditions.


  • Two Controllable Outlet Groups - Can be programmed for load shedding and sequential restart if the UPS is in overload or when selected backup time remains.
  • Rotatable Display Panel-The color LCD display panel rotates 90 to make the readout easy to see in rack or tower installations.
  • Automatic Frequency Sensing
  • Mounting Flexibility - Rack rails and tower supports included.
  • Intelligent Communications - DCIM and BMS ready.

Higher Availability

  • Replaceable Hot Swappable Batteries - Easy to replace batteries to protect your investment by extending the product life. 3-7 minutes of battery backup time at full load.
  • Intelligent Battery Management - Automatic and manual self-diagnostic battery testing, efficient three-stage charging technique and comprehensive discharging protection that all extend battery life.
  • Power-Factor Correction with Advance Early Warning of UPS Status - Corrects for Frequency, prevents noise, harmonics and distortions, without switching to battery - resulting in longer battery life.
  • Input Circuit Breaker, Lightning and Overload Surge Protection, with Emergency Power Off.
  • No-hassle 2-year warranty with advanced UPS replacement including paid shipping both ways. Also available with Power Assurance Coverage package.

Low Total Cost Of Ownership:

  • High Output Power Factor - Liebert GXT4 rated output power factor up to 0.9 matches switch-mode power supplies, providing more efficient utilization of the UPS.
  • ECO Mode - Connected equipment can be powered through the bypass while the inverter remains idle, reducing electricity consumption.
  • Wide Input Voltage Window - Prolongs battery life by allowing the UPS to maximize the use of utility power before transferring to battery when input voltage exceeds specified limits.
  • Intelligent Fan Operation - Automatically changes rotation speed depending on system requirements to decrease power consumption and noise.

Liebert GXT4-6000RT208 UPS Specifications:

Weight, lb (kg)131.8 (69.9)
Input AC
Nominal Operating Frequency50 or 60Hz (Factory Default is 60Hz)
Factory Default VAC120/208VAC at 120 degrees
Factory Default L1-N, L2-N VAC120 VAC nominal
Input Frequency w/o Battery Operation40 - 70 Hz
Input Power ConnectionHardwire Terminal Block 3W + G (L-L-N-G)
L1-N, L2-N Maximum Allowable VAC150VAC
Output AC 
Power Rating4800 W / 6 kVA
Factory Default VAC120/208VAC @ 120 degrees
Factory Default L1-N, L2-N VAC120VAC nominal
User Configurable L1-N, L2-N VAC100/110/115/120/VAC, ±2%
Overload Rating
105% to 130%1 Minute
131% to 150%10 seconds
151% to 200%1 second
>200% (impact load)At least 5 cycles
Operating Temp, °F (°C)32 to 104 (0 to 40)
Operating Temp, °F (°C)5 to 122 (-15 to 50)
Audible NoiseLess than 55dBA at 3.2ft. (1m) rear; less than 50dBA at 3.2ft. (1m) front and sides
Operating ElevationUp to 10,000 ft. (3000m) at 77°F (25°C) without derating
Relative Humidity0% to 95%, non-condensing
SafetyUL 1778, c-UL Listed
Surge ImmunityIEEE/ANSI C62.41 Category A & B
TransportationISTA Procedure 1E
Internal Battery Specifications
Model NumberGXT4-144VBATKIT
Dimensions, W x D x H, Unit in (mm)8.1 x 19.3 x 2.8 (206 x 490 x 70)
Weight, Unit lb (kg)75.8 (34.4)
Battery Parameters
TypeValve-regulated, non-spillable, flame retardant, lead acid
Kit Quantity x Battery Quantity x V x Rating2 x 6 x 12V x 9.0 AH
Recharge Time3 hours to 90% capacity after full discharge into 100% load
External Battery Specifications
Model NumberGXT4-144VBATT
Dimensions, W x D x H, Unit (with bezel) in. (mm)16.9 x 26.1 x 3.3 (430 x 662 x 85)
Weight, Unit lb (kg)99.9 (45.3)
Battery Parameters
TypeValve-regulated, non-spillable, lead acid
Kit Quantity x Battery Quantity x Rating2 x 6 x 12V x 9.0 AH
EnvironmentalOperating Temp, Storage Temp, Operating Elevation, and Relative Humidity: Same as UPS