Liebert Knurr Server Rack - 43"(D), 24"(W) - No Side Panels

Please note, the Liebert KMK6B120000LQ51 has been discontinued. For alternative rack options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

The Liebert Knurr KMK6B120000LQ51 is a 42U, 19" EIA, 23.6"W x 43.3"D, Server Rack with 2 split rear doors and casters.  This Knurr 19" enclosure provides a fully assembled aluminum extruded frame with a patented T Slot, offering many quick mount options.

  • Fully EIA 310-D compliant cabinet
  • Z-shaped 19" server rails for mounting trade standard servers
  • Perforated doors on the front and rear for optimal airflow, honeycomb shaped, perforation, 83% airflow


  • (1) Basic rack
  • (4) 19" server EIA rails sheet steel
  • (1) Front door, perforated (perforation 83%)
  • (2) Rear doors. split perforated (perforation 83%)
  • (1) Vented Top cover
  • (1) Mounting kit (50 cagenuts, 50 screws, 50 nylon rosetts)
  • (1) Mounting kit (20) M5 Spring Nuts & (20) M5 Screws
  • (4) Leveling feet 0 - 0.98" (0 - 25 mm)

NOTE: Does not include Side Panels.  If you are looking for this server rack with side panels please visit the Knurr KMK6B122000LQ50 page.

Liebert Knurr KMK6B120000LQ51 - Click to enlarge


Price: $1,377.00
NOW: $1,319.50
Save: $57.50
Rack Units42U
Dimensions78.7H x 23.6W x 43.3D

Knurr KMK6B120000LQ51 Features:

  • Flexibility:
    • Facilitates easy mounting of equipment and accessories almost anywhere in the cabinet, due to patented aluminum extrusion channels.
    • Allows customization with standard accessories.
    • Provides complete cable management system.
    • Offers standard power strip mounting bracket that allows power strips to be mounted virtually anywhere in the cabinet.
  • Higher Availability:
    • Reduces obstructions to air flow with the logical cable management system, reducing the adverse effects of heat on the rackmounted computer equipment.
    • Allows the power strip to be conveniently mounted in the zero U space, making it more accessible for the user.
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:
    • Reduces overall installation time, with simplified installation of components.
    • Reduces costs and lead times with standardized components.
    • Uses a standard cable management system, eliminating the need for a special system.
    • Maximizes the amount of usable space in the cabinet, ultimately reducing cabinet count.
  • Ideally Suited For:
    • Data centers
    • Network closets
    • Telecommunication equipment

Knurr KMK6B120000LQ51 Specifications:

Height 78.7 in. (2000 mm.)
Width 23.6 in. (600 mm.)
Depth 43.3 in. (1100 mm.)
Basic Rack Extruded aluminum, polished
Corner piece die-cast aluminum
19 mounting rails (2 sets) painted black
Visible surface of the covers powder-coated texture
Color Visible surface of the covers, Black
Load Rating 1450 lbs, 2200 lbs when bayed
Jumpering space Front, 3.37 (85.5 mm)
Protection rating IP 20
Airflow Perforation 83%
Tests Vibration test in acc. with MIL-STD 810 E.
IP test in acc. with DIN40 050 / IEC 529
Question: What does Knurr 42U rack weigh empty? Does the load rating include the empty weight? Assume "bayed"means at least two adjoining. Please confirm.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The shipping weight for this rack is listed as 300 lbs. We would think the empty weight would be close to that. The load rating should be exclusive of the 300 lbs and bayed does mean connected to at least one other cabinet. Unfortunately, it appears this unit has been discontinued by the manufacturer.