Great Lakes ES 42U x 30"W x 48"D Server Rack, Mesh Front & Split Mesh Rear Door, Solid Top and Sides

Please note, the Great Lakes GL780ES-3048MSS has been discontinued and replaced by Great Lakes GL790ES-3048MSS. For alternative rack options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

The Great Lakes ES-Series GL780ES-3048MSS is a 42U x 30"W x 48"D server rack enclosure.

Dimensions: 78.00"H x 30.00"W x 48.00"D
Rack Spaces: 42 RMU, 19" EIA 310-D Compliant
Stock Color: Black
Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs. on levelers or bolted to floor, 1800 lbs. on casters
Shipping Weight: 510 lbs.


  • Enclosure frame with two pairs of black powder coated, universal 19" M6 mounting rails (with RMU markings) and package of M6 hardware; includes two pairs of PDU mounting brackets with three holes each
  • One set of 4 Adjustable Levelers (2.50″H)
  • Solid top panel
  • Mesh contour front door and split mesh rear door
  • Pair of solid lift-off side panels with lock and finger release latches


  • 14 gauge frame, formed 5 times for strength
  • Door has 3 hinges, allows for 180 degree swing ratio
  • 42 RMU, heavy duty 12 gauge mounting rails, all RMUs are usable
  • Increased rear vertical capacity (over 9") for cable management
  • 3"W x 3"D vertical cable troughs (optional- sold separately)
  • Zero RMU 19"EIA mounting for any 1 RMU equipment
  • Up to 2 vertical troughs & 1 PDU or 1 vertical trough & 2 PDUs per rear corner
  • Standard front & rear mesh door
  • Increased area of mesh & total airflow
  • Mount LE fans to eliminate hot spots & aid in horizontal ventilation
  • Standard Easy Latching Handle
  • UL Listed and RoHS Compliant
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