Great Lakes Exhaust Chimney - 32" to 46"H Adjustable - 42"D Enclosures

The Great Lakes GL-EC-42-3246 is an exhaust chimney, also known as "The Stack", which serves as an adjustable duct which assists in the removal of hot air from the top of 42"D Great Lakes ES series enclosures.  This chimney has an tool-less adjustability range of 32" to 46" (also available with an adjustability range of 18" to 32"- part number GL-EC-42-1832.

The exhaust chimney channels hot air from the top of the enclosure, virtually eliminating any recirculation. The energy efficiency offered can be further enhanced when the chimney is connected to a ducting system which returns hot air to the CRAC unit (creating a closed loop system) or when assisted by an optional fan tray offering 1200 CFM which will accelerate the amount of hot air removed from the enclosure.

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Great Lakes

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Great Lakes Exchaust Chimney Diagram

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