Great Lakes Variable Speed Fan Controller - 120/240V

Great Lakes FTC103 is a variable speed fan controller (120/240V) for rackmount cooling fans, throttling fans from 60 - 100% speed. This variable controller can be used in any enclosure that is equipped with an exhaust fan.

The Fan Controller can be easily attached to Great Lakes Universal PDU Mounting Brackets (pictured), “Zero-U” mounting brackets, Flexible Mounting Profile (FMP) points on the Great Lakes E and ES Series rails, or it can be attached to the rear rails of a wallmount rack. Standard mounting does not sacrifice any RMU rack space.

Variable Speed Fan Features:

  • Temperature probe with 10’ cord
  • 3’ Outlet Cord, C13 to C14
  • Thermal breaker requires no fuse
  • 95-250V, 2.0 amp load
  • Designed and assembled in the US
  • RoHS compliant components
  • Works with all Great Lakes fans
  • Low-profile designed to install without interference in 0 RMU
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Great Lakes
Price: $277.00
NOW: $240.00
Save: $37.00

Download IconGreat Lakes FTC103 Datasheet

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Question: Does this unit have an adjustment for the desired temperature? Can you send me a more detailed datasheet?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The Great Lakes FTC103 is a fan controller you add in addition to your environment fan units to allow them to be throttled down from 100% to as low as 60% speeds based on the temperatures in the rack. Under the 'Buy' button on the FTC103 product page you will now see a link for a PDF FTC103 Datasheet from Great Lakes. On page two of that PDF is a temperature/fan speed graph that may help clarify further however I don't believe there is an external knob control to set 'desired' temperature but rather it automatically adjusts based on temperature. Please contact your Server Racks Online representative directly at 1-866-722-5776 or via our online chat feature to help narrow down a solution that will perform as needed.