Cable Fingers (set of 12 sections)

The Great Lakes ESC-K12-7 is a set of 12 7" X 7 RMU cable fingers (CM-77) for Great Lakes racks and cabinets.

  • Plastic cable fingers
  • Install along mounting rails with FMP
  • Secure with push-button rivet or screws
  • Install on CMRX, CMR, and VRX rack uprights
  • Install on ES, EZ, E, and CoLo cabinet rails
  • Install on 30"W NEMA 12K cabinet rails
  • If used in cabinets, rails may need to be recessed to accommodate fingers
  • Color: Black
Great Lakes ESC-K12-7 - Click to enlarge

Price: $311.00
NOW: $269.33
Save: $41.67