Server Tech EMTH-2-10 Temperature & Humidity Probe, 3m (9.8ft)

PLEASE NOTE: This item is on back order until April 2023. If ordered today, a PO will be placed reserving space in the production queue for expected delivery in early 2023.

The Server Technology EMTH-2-10 is a temperature and humidity probe for networked PDUs with a temperature and humidity port (T/H). When connected to an appropriate device, users may set thresholds and remotely monitor temperature and humidity in the rack. SNMP and email messages are generated to alert during breached conditions. This unit is a solid state sensor and connects to one of Server Technologies' intelligent PDU or EMCU Environmental Control Unit's sensor ports via RJ-11. These probes are on 3 meter cords allowing versatile placement.

Server Technology EMTH-2-10 Features:

  • 0°C to 100°C Temperature Range: < +/- 1°C
  • 0% to 100% Relative Humidity: < +/- 3.5%
  • Voltage: 208V or 110V
  • RJ-11 plug
  • 3m Cord (9.8 feet)

The Server Technology EMTH-2-10 is the direct replacement for the EMTH-1-1 and is backward compatible with all Server Technology PDUs thatinclude a network interface card with a temperature and humidity port (T/H) and all ServerTech Environmental Monitor Control Units.

ServerTech EMTH-2-10 - Click to enlarge