Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe, PDU & UPS (EMP001)

The Eaton EMP001 Environmental monitoring probe (EMP), is a connectivity device that enables web enabled ePDUs and Web SNMP adapters to collect and monitor temperature, humidity, and the status of two additional contact devices, such as a smoke detector or open-door sensor. Readings can be monitored via the onboard LCD screen or remotely using a Telnet connection or a standard web browser.

The EMP device is delivered with 1 x 10ft Temperature Probe and 1 x 10ft Humidity Probe (SENSOR-T1H1-10), a screw, Velcro fasteners, tie wraps, and a CAT5 connection cable. You can install the device anywhere on the rack. To attach the EMP, use either the Velcro fasteners or mount the EMP on the supplied screw. The EMP also has a universal slot on the back for mounting easily on a screw and in any direction.

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Eaton EMP001 Rack Environmental Monitoring Probe, Features:

  • When temperature and humidity values exceed user-selectable limits, the event is logged in the ePDU event history log.
  • The EMP monitors temperature and humidity information of any environment that you want to protect your critical equipment. The EMP measures temperatures from 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C) with an accuracy of ±3.6°F (±2°C).
  • The EMP measures relative humidity from 10% to 90% with an accuracy of ±5%.
  • It can be located away from the ePDU with a CAT5 network cable up to 65.6 ft (20 m) long.
  • The hot-swap feature simplifies installation by enabling you to install the probe safely without turning off power to the ePDU or to the loads that are connected to it.
  • The EMP monitors the status of the two user-provided contact devices.
  • Temperature, humidity, and contact closure status can be displayed through a web browser, a serial interface, or an onboard LCD interface.
  • User-selectable alarm thresholds enable you to define acceptable temperature or humidity limits.
  • Email notification through Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), using email client software when acceptable alarm limits are exceeded or contact status changes.
  • Changes in external contact status are logged in the ePDU event history log.

Eaton - (2) Temperature Sensors, 10ft
Eaton - (2) Temperature Sensors, 10ft
2 x Temperature Sensors (10ft) for Eaton PDUs

Eaton - (2) Temperature Sensor, (1) Humidity Sensor, 10ft
Eaton - (2) Temperature Sensor, (1) Humidity Sensor, 10ft
2 x Temperature Sensors, 1 x Humidity Sensor (10ft) for Eaton PDUs