Eaton G3 Monitored PDU, 120/208V 3-Ph Wye, 24A (EMI314-10)

Please note, the Eaton EMI314-10 has been discontinued. To discuss alternative options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Eaton EMI314-10 G3-series Monitored ePDU:
Current: 24A (8.64 kW)
Voltage: 120/208V 3-Ph Wye
Input Plug: L21-30P, 10ft Chord
Outlets: (42) C13
Circuit Breakers: (3) 20A
Mounting: Vertical 0U

The new Eaton ePDU G3 platform provides best-in-class power distribution, enabling data center and IT managers to effectively monitor and manage their rack environments. Eaton Metered G3 PDUs provide current draw remote monitoring of individual sections via network. This capability, combined with state-of-the-art software allows you to aggregate the information from many PDUs in one location. A local display is also available for phase balancing, for easy remote start-up, and provisioning of servers. New ePDU G3 Metered Input models feature best-in-class technologies, including ±1% billing grade accuracy, an advanced LCD pixel display, a hot-swap meter and the ability to daisy chain four PDUs to share the same network connection and IP address.

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Eaton Powerware
Price: $1,388.00
NOW: $1,161.66
Save: $226.34
Dimensions69.5 x 2.05 x 2.1

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LCD DisplayAdvanced LCD Pixel Display: The new ePDU G3 LCD pixel display simplifies local setup and trouble shooting. It also allows you to view voltage, power, total input, meters, LCD orientation and alarm history. In addition, the menu-driven display changes from blue to amber during an alarm situation, visually alerting you of a problem.

±1% Billing Grade Accuracy: ePDU G3 provides one percent revenue-grade power monitoring for higher accuracy in department billing or collocation data centers. You are able to effectively measure power usage to all outlets and identify open capacity, resulting in full-power utilization. Utility rebate programs also require measurements that meet revenue-grade standards.

Network Management: The advanced network capabilities of the ePDU G3 platform allow you to monitor multiple ePDUs through Eatonís power monitoring solutions. In addition, ePDU G3 has built-in support for third-party data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions by using SNMP v3 to communicate securely to each ePDU.

Daisy chain IP addresses: Eatonís new patented daisy chain is available on all network-connected ePDU G3 models. This feature allows four ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address, resulting in a 75 percent reduction in network infrastructure costs, compared to competitor rack PDUs that require a dedicated IP address.

Hot-swap Meter: Eatonís new hot-swap eNMC (ePDU Network Management and Control) module can be replaced without the need to power down your rack. As a result, you not only increase uptime, but also enhance serviceability and save money on an unnecessary service calls.


Environmental monitoring (Optional) The optional environmental monitoring probe connects to the serial port and enables you to collect temperature and humidity readings in the rack environment to monitor environmental data remotely. You can also monitor the status of two contact closure devices, such as door switches.

High Operating Temperature: All ePDU G3 models are fully functional in high operating temperature environments up to 140įF (60įC), resulting in reduced cooling costs. Since ePDUs are located in the back of the rack where server exhaust can elevate temperatures to as high as 116įF, a higher operating temperature is needed for most modern hot-air containment solutions.

Outlet Grip Plug Retention: Eatonís new IEC outlet grip secures plugs in place with a lever actuated grip thatís integrated into each outlet. Once the levers click into the grip position, the plugs are secured from accidental disconnect.

Color-coded Outlet Sections: Each color-coded outlet section matches a corresponding circuit breaker. This coding allows you to easily identify which circuit breaker feeds which outlets, and prevents unbalanced loading that could trip a breaker.

Low-Profile Form Factor: The width of the new ePDU G3 Basic and Metered Input ePDUs has been optimized for side mounting, resulting in zero interference into the rail space so you donít block hot-swap fans or power supplies. Some models feature low-profile circuit breakers to reduce interference when the ePDU is mounted with outlets facing the rail (center of the rack).

Ease of installation: Patented clip feet allow for various mounting methods. Mounting buttons come pre-installed to reduce installation time. Optional side mounting button locations to mount ePDU G3s at a 90-degree rotation in the rack, preventing interference with hot-swap fans and power supplies.