Server Tech EMCU-1-1C Rack Environmental Monitoring Control Unit

The Server Technology EMCU-1-1C is an IP-based solution for monitoring environmental conditions within the cabinet of your data center. Ever increasing densities of vertically racked servers conserve valuable floor space in the data center, but the resulting power consumption and heat dissipation create new concerns for data center managers. Environmental Monitoring, particularly temperature & humidity, is a must for any infrastructure. Monitoring temperature in equipment cabinets is vital to the server's performance and controlling infrastructure cooling costs.

Server Technology Smart and Switched PDUs support two combination temperature/humidty probes on the Master unit. Newer Expansion units support two additional sensors. If additional probes are required, this EMCU-1-1C Environmental Monitor provides those additional inputs as well as ports for water/fluid detection and dry contact door closure sensors for cabinet intrusion deteciton.

Each EMCU supports:

  • 2 Additional temperature and humidity measurements
  • Water sensor
  • 4 Dry contact closure door sensors

The EMCU-1-1C assures network managers that environmental conditions are within defined tolerances and that unauthorized entry into the equipment cabinets does not go unnoticed.

Server Tech EMCU-1-1C - Click to enlarge


The EMCU-1-1C can be located in data centers, co-lo sites, web hosting facilities, telecom switching sites, POP sites, server closets, and any unmanned area that needs to be monitored. Install the EMCU-1-1C in the equipment cabinet and gain access to environmental conditions from a web or serial interface through one of Server Technology's IP addressable CDUs.

  • Simple and fast installation
  • No external Power source required
  • Dedicated IP address not required
  • No additional software required
  • Flexible Zero U mounting

Each EMCU-1-1C ships with 1 x EMTH-2-10 temp/humidity probe.

Additional temp/humidity probes and water/fluid sensing cable sold separately. Accepts 3rd party analog sensors (Input 0 V to +5 VDC). Accepts up to four 3rd party contact closer sensors - Wago® spring-loaded 3-position terminal block.

Height4.57 in. (116 mm.)
Width2.32 in (59 mm.)
Depth1.22 in. (31 mm.)
Weight8.8 oz.
Warranty2 year
Measurement Range 0-100% RH
Absolute RH accuracy +/- 3.5% RH
Temperature accuracy +/- 1°C
Open Position Power source for peripheral analog sensor (+5 vdc , signal, GND)
Water Rope Thermally bonded polymer coated carrier
Wago Spring-loaded Support up to 4 normally open or closed dry contact closures
LED Confirmation Signal "fault" conditions to contact closures

The EMCU-1-1C is the direct replacement for the EMCU-1-1B.

Server Tech EMTH-2-10 Temperature & Humidity Probe, 3m (9.8ft)
Server Tech EMTH-2-10 Temperature & Humidity Probe, 3m (9.8ft)
Temperature & Humidity Probe for ServerTech PDUs, 3m

Water Sensor Probe, 1 ft detection cable, 10 ft connection cord
Water Sensor Probe, 1 ft detection cable, 10 ft connection cord
Water Sensor Probe for the EMCU-1-1b Environmental Control Unit