Eaton Managed (Outlet-Level) PDU, 16A (eMA006)

Please note, the Eaton eMA006 has been discontinued. For replacement options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

Eaton eMA006 Managed (monitored & switched) ePDU:
Current: 16A (5.8 kW)
Voltage: 208V 3-Ph Wye
Input Plug: L21-20P, 10ft Chord
Outlets: (21) C13, (3) C19
Circuit Breakers: None
Mounting: 0U Vertical

Eaton Managed (MA) PDUs allow you to monitor and control critical factors such as voltage, current and power factor. Outlet-level switching allows you to control power at the individual outlet level, switching them on, off or rebooting them. The new advanced LCD display provides outlet and section current information, voltage add kilowatt-hour readings, all at a single glance. This level of information allows you to make the right decision when it comes to energy consumption in your data center. Integrated with Eatonís management software, you can control these units from any computer on the network server.

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Eaton Powerware

Dimensions60.0 x 2.2 x 2.6

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Eaton Managed (Metered & Switched) PDU Features:

  • Outlet-level Power Switching - control power consumption at the outlet level, including on, off and reboot.
  • Circuit & Outlet-level Monitoring - highly accurate voltage and current (frequency, amps, watts) metering.
  • Outlet and Circuit readings available local via LCD or remote via Ethernet over a network (utilizing Eatonís Intelligent Power Manager software).
  • Advanced easy-read LCD display reduces local monitoring time - provides outlet and section current information, voltage and kilowatt-hour readings.
  • Receive threshold warnings and alarms, local on the display or remotely worldwide via email or browser.
  • Color-coded section labeling - outlet/section color-coding allows you to easily identify which circuit breaker feeds which outlets, and prevents unbalanced loading that could trip a breaker.
  • Environmental Monitoring - utilize the Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP001) to track internal and external temperatures, humidity and contact closure.
  • Flexible Mounting - blind mount bracket and keyhole button mounting options.
  • UL Listed (UL489) branch circuit breakers meet industry requirements.
  • PUE level 3 rating determines high energy efficiency; Power consumption readings allow for power usage effectiveness (PUE) calculations.
  • Cisco EnergyWise Certified - Eatonís new ePDUs are Cisco EnergyWise Certified.