ServerTech Sentry Rack PDU, Switched, 0U (CX-24VEK311A1)

Please note, the ServerTech CX-24VEK311A1 PDU has been discontinued. For replacement options, please contact your Server Racks Online sales representative.

The Server Tech CX-24VEK311A1 is the Switched 24V(C13-C19) CDU which combines remote configuration and management with power distribution, power monitoring and environmental monitoring. Reboot a single or dual-power server with one command. Receive SNMP alerts when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds. Assign users specific access rights to designated outlets or groups. Choose one power distribution unit for your high-density cabinets.

The serial and network connections are conveniently located in the top of the unit. The power cord entry for this unit comes in from the bottom.

Only our Switched CDU products provide the flexibility needed for all data centers and remote sites, including power requirements for high-amp, high voltage; UL 60950-1 branch circuit protection; EN 60950-1:2001; SSL & SSH security; and SNMP-based input current monitoring.

*Note: Please note that the depths of these enclosures are 3.0" deep at the placement of the fuse retractors.

ServerTech Sentry Rack PDU, Switched, 0U (CX-24VEK311A1) - Click to enlarge

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Server Tech CX-24VEK311A1 Switched PDU Features:

  • Easy to use and access, secure, integral HTML Web GUI over HTTP/S, plus LDAP/S and TACACS+ external authentication and authorization support
  • Secure remote power management; reboot individual or grouped outlets (SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, RS-232)
  • Outlets may be linked to one or multiple groups without loss of control of that individual outlet
  • Native power-up sequencing prevents in-rush current overload during initial start-up or after power loss. Unlike other products on the market, sequencing occurs during initial startup, after power loss and after user-initiated power cycling to prevent overload
  • True RMS input current monitor(s) on easy-to-read local LED, via network or serial connection
  • Optional temperature and humidity probes with 10-ft cords to allow sensors to be located in different locations
  • SNMP traps provide automated alerts for power and environmental conditions. Additionally, event notification is available via Syslog and email
  • Expandability: add additional outlets under one IP address through link unit
  • Local and remote notification if a branch circuit is down (FE will display on LED and through the web-based interface, SNMP and email alerts)
  • 3 Phase products have a separate LED for each phase to simplify load balancing

*Note: This is the Expansion Module PDU.
*Additional product specifications are below.

Server Tech CX-24VEK311A1 Specifications:

Height 69 in. (1752 mm.)
Width 1.75 in. (44.5 mm.)
Depth 2.25 in. (57.2 mm.)
Available Input Voltages 230V 50/60Hz
Available Input Cord IEC 60309 Cordset, 10ft. (3m)
Outlets (18) IEC 60320/C13 AND (6) IEC 60320/C19
Amperage 32A
Branch Circuit Protection Compliant to UL 60950-1

10/100 BaseT Ethernet
RS-232 (Serial)


cTUVus UL 60950-1-2003
CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-1:2003
TUVGS EN 60950-1:2001
FCC Class A, Part 15
EMC-EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024