APC Tall Range Vertical Exhaust Duct for 750mm NetShelter SX Racks

APC AR7754 Tall Range (33.5"-60"H) Vertical Exhaust Duct (VED) System for 750mm (30") Wide NetShelter SX Enclosures is a low cost easy to install solution that mounts to the top rear of NetShelter enclosures to capture and return hot exhaust air to room cooling systems.

Includes: Baying hardware, Duct panels, Foam gasket strips, Installation guide, Mounting Hardware, Rear door and bottom sealing kit, Roof, Roof mounting hardware

For the short range alternative, see AR7753

APC AR7754 - Click to enlarge
Price: $829.00
NOW: $669.41
Save: $159.59
Dimensions60"H (max) x 28.35"W x 17.28"D