APC 42U Vertical Cable Manager Kit for 750mm NetShelter SX Enclosures

The APC AR7580A is a 42U Vertical Cable Manager for NetShelter SX 750mm wide enclosures. The vertical channels have smooth plastic fingers at 1U increments to allow patch cords to enter and exit in an organized manner.

Includes: Qty 2 - 42U Vertical Cable Managers, Installation guide, Mounting Hardware, Qty 6 - Cable retainers with snap hinges, Top securing bracket

APC AR7580A - Click to enlarge

Price: $379.99
NOW: $351.19
Save: $28.80
Rack Units42U
Dimensions70"H x 3.8"W x 6.3"D

High capacity cable finger design - Cable managers feature high capacity slim cable fingers to provide maximum capacity at every rackspace unit and a rigid design to decrease deflection when cables are routed in/out of the cable manager channel.
Backplate optimized for accessorizing - Backplates feature multiple holes for toollessly mounting accessories such as cable managers for cable tie-off (AR8621) and airflow management brush strips (AR7714) to allow cable pass-through while restricting airflow through the openings.
Dedicated cable manager for each enclosure height - Dedicated cable managers for each enclosure height 42U, 45U, and 48U, provide the maximum u-space coverage. Optional covers will match cable manager height to provide full coverage over the entire height of the enclosure
Secure cabling with easy access - Secure cabling inside the cable manager with the provided snap hinge cable retainers that open to the left or right for easy access.
Optional hinging left or right covers - Covers (not provided) install quickly without tools and include two easy to use latches that allow the cover to open to the left or right. The covers hide the cabling to keep the enclosure space neat for future maintenance and an clean aesthetic.